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Research Writer Interview With Angel

Emergency Situations In The Writing Center

Hello Angel. We are grateful that you have made time to talk to us.

I'm happy to do it.

Please describe your academic background and experience for us.

I have a BA in English and I am taking Masters’ classes towards a MA in English with Teacher Certification. I always enjoyed going to class. I love to read outside of class. I enjoy learning new things.

What do you do in your professional life outside of

I work in the headquarters of an international non-profit organization. I work in multiple departments and assist in the design and implementation of the organization’s employee training programs. My most valued asset is being a wordsmith. I am able to describe complex operations in concise and simplistic ways.

How does that job compare to writing for

It’s very similar. At times, my favorite papers to write are the complex ones. It’s challenging to me and it allows me to be able to learn new things and do what I do best by simplifying it. I’d have to say that the work that I do for is more exciting than what I do in my other professional life. I never know what a client might need assistance with and at times I’ll have to pull off complex projects in a limited amount of time. It can be challenging in those emergency situations to get the client the completed project while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Describe your academic paper writing style.

I would describe my academic paper writing style as being informative and entertaining. Each paper that I write has a high level of readability to it. If a client wants me to create a thesis on a given topic, then I’ll often pick an unusual thesis. Every project that I’ve ever done has a level of uniqueness to it. Many of my clients are repeat clients who give me great feedback on the finished product of their essays. Some of them refer their classmates to me and there have been times where I’ve created unique custom essay for three different individuals on the same topic. There are always new ways to examine a given topic and new points to be elaborated on.

What is your favorite type of paper to write?

My favorite types of papers to write are the ones that are extremely complex. I enjoy the pursuit of finding the perfect book which possesses the exact information that I need to know. The multi-layered ones are the best by far because it requires me to stretch myself and learn new things. Afterwards I always feel accomplished and reward myself with something sweet. I also like the gratitude that I get from the client and who was once panicked and worried behind the paper and is now relieved.

Do you think that writing model papers for student is unethical?

Absolutely not. When I was in college, I worked in the writing center that was on campus. What I do for CustomPapers is exactly what I did inside of the writing center. Many of my peers that I tutored needed examples in order to visualize the writing itself. If I wanted to explain the use of symbolism in a story, the best way to do so was to point it out in the book itself. I would rewrite paragraphs of papers in the writing center so that the person could see the improvements on paper. That is by far the best way to learn to write.

Any advice for someone who is struggling with essay research and writing?

Keep writing. Don’t give up. If you get frustrated, take a break from it and come back to it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need.

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