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Research Writer Interview With Annette

MA Student - Criminal Justice

Hello, I would like to know a little more about you, may I ask you a few questions?


How old are you?

I'm 26 yrs. old.

Where are you from?

I'm from NYC; I've lived there all my life.

New York City is a cool place!

I know I love it!

Would you ever relocate to another state?

Maybe, but I have no future plans to. I actually lived in Chicago for six months last year, when I moved there for Grad school. Chicago is a wonderful city, but it just wasn't home.

You said you left Grad school, did you drop out?

No, I actually didn't like the school I was attending to, so I decided to move back to NYC and try online education instead. I'm currently working on a MA in Criminal Justice.

Cool, do you like the online format?

Yes, I actually love it! I love the convenience of attending classes on my own personal schedule.

You're a Grad student so I know you're expected to write often and well; do you write tons of papers?

Yes, writing and researching is a major part of any Graduate school; you spend countless hours writing papers.

Writing is a very important job skill in today's workforce; do you have any professional experience writing?

Yes, for the past few months I have been writing for an academic writing company.

What kind of academic writing company?

The academic company I have been working for is an online academic writing service for students and businesses. All projects are completed online and you are compensated for your time and effort.

You said you write for companies and students. What kind of papers do you write?

I write papers on a wide range of subjects. I have written papers on history, political science, sociology, book reviews, philosophy, medicine, and many other subjects.

Wow, that is a wide range of subjects; which subjects do you like most?

I love to write papers on history or politics because I love researching and learning more and more about these subjects.

How long does it take you to complete a paper?

A few hours depending on the subject and style requirements. Sometimes, it takes 6 hours to complete a paper and other times it takes 12 hours or more. The length of time it takes to complete a paper depends on the paper's difficulty and specifications.

Do you have to write in a particular style of writing?

Yes, each client requests that you write in a particular style such as Harvard, Chicago, APA, or MLA styles to name a few. My favorite styles are APA and MLA.

I know that every paper requires sources; where do your get your sources from?

I usually get my sources from the public library, my personal library collection, or my college library. I also have access to electronic journals from my college's online database.

Are there deadlines for the papers?

Of course! Aside from producing good writing, deadlines are one of the most important aspects when working for a writing company.

What's the best way to meet your deadlines?

The method that works for me is to create an outline of the entire paper and set certain time limits for each section in my outline.

What happens if a client is unhappy with your work?

If a client is unhappy with my work, they have the right to request a revision. As a writer I’m expected to revise and meet every demand they request.

How do you feel about the clients?

The clients are wonderful; all the clients I’ve worked with have been appreciative for my efforts as a writer.

Do you enjoy working for an academic writing company?

Yes, I love it! I love the fact that I can work on my own schedule and choose projects that I'm interested in. I have learned so much since I started working for an academic writing company like

It was a pleasure interviewing you, thanks for your time and good lucke!

I also enjoyed our interview, you're welcome.

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