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Research Writer Interview With April

Simple Writing Style

Hi April. What are your credentials?

I have degrees in English and Communication Studies from one of the largest schools in Texas.

Why did you chose those degrees?

Since I was a child I read book after book. I would constantly go to the library and go above my reading level at school. I had to know more than the "average kid." I figured that English would be a great start if I decided to teach. Communication Studies fell on me like a rock out of the sky. I decided that since I never could get enough of presenting reports on my books that I had read I needed to know how to present them properly in order to be taken seriously. I always went that extra mile with voices for characters, drawings, art and even costumes. I have never been shy.

What kind of papers do you like to research and present?

I love Keats, Shelley, Byron, and especially Shakespeare. The 'ole Bard is truly my favorite. I love the Victorian era. Shakespeare's plays are also fun to research. I also like to write about up to date issues like stem cell research all the way to the bullies in colleges or universities. I am pretty flexible.

What is your essay writing style?

My style is simple. I like to get to the point and give enough evidence so the professor can reflect on what I am giving them. I have a format that is easy and is proven to work in custom term paper and essay writing. Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and tell them again. Sounds corny, but it works.

What are some of the favorite subjects that you have written about?

I took a class strictly on Frankenstein. Mary Shelley was an awesome subject. I wrote on how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and how inner beauty is often missed by how we look on the outside. I also wrote a paper about creating something that we would think would be perfect and rejecting it. I wrote about how parents can be so horrible to their children like the scientist was to Frankenstein.

Another favorite paper I wrote was about taking a famous figure and analyze a speech they made about a cause they supported. I wrote about Goldie Hawn and her support of a small organization dealing with bullies. The organization is called Words Can Heal. Her speech was given on CSPAN. Since I have 3 children, I felt that I could relate and have been able to get the organization to come to our school district.

A third favorite paper was on the movie Mystic Pizza. It was a Nonverbal Communications class and we had to read and code nonverbal behaviors and discuss how their behaviors affected others and how they handled situations. It was fun getting into how the body works in order to show others how we feel. It is a subject that I am also researching so that I can publish my findings. There are so many aspects that are still unfamiliar or have not been researched.

What do you plan to do with your research writing skills?

At this point in time, I am working on a book. I have a lot of time to write since I stay at home in the summer with my children. My 1st book is in it's beginning stages so it is like a skeleton. I am also working with an artist to publish some children's books. I take information from my children about things they like and I build on it to make the books fun for different ages.

Right now, what books are you reading or have on your list?

I am finishing Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. His books are thrilling and educational. I have also finished a short story by Hurston called Their Eyes Were Watching God." There is a film being made out of it in the next year or so. If a movie comes out on film, I try to read the book first to get a visual on how I would make the movie out of it. Personally, I just like to challenge myself. I also like to see what is on Oprah's reading list. Anna Karina by Tolstoy is the current one being discussed. It is not my favorite, but I am trudging through it.

Thank you for your time, April. You are a great academic research writer indeed (a lot of satisfied clients cannot be wrong:)!

You're welcome!

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