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Research Writer Interview With Arthur

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Hi Arthur! Can you tell us about your educational background?

I have multiple degrees from schools that have been around for more than two centuries. I am a Honors Bachelor of Arts recipient in the fields of Industrial Relations and Political Science (specialist.) I have certifications to work in the financial services industry. My general liberal arts education required me to take - and do well in - a wide variety of subjects such as management, professional writing, commerce, sociology, psychology, and ancient history. I am also writing a short history on early Christianity in Ancient Greece.

What is your background in writing and research?

I have over 17 years of experience in writing short stories, research reports, term papers, and essays. I write or have written for highly influential news magazines such as The Nation, Daily Kos, and The Spectator. I have written manuals, research notes and strategy papers for financial institutions. I have edited articles for a large university paper. And finally, I have written speeches for student politicians to deliver for their election campaigns.

Why did you decide to become a professional academic writer?

I intensely dislike working for a boss that dictates when and how and why you work or do what you do. The amount of autonomy in this line of work is more than I could have ever hoped for. I legitimately enjoy learning about the projects I work on, and I feel that in the end it'll make me a stronger and smarter person. I like providing good value for clients and I enjoy helping out those who are in need. I also feel that in the long run the amount of writing I will do on the papers written as a professional freelance writer will sharpen my writing and help me in whatever career path I choose to follow.

What qualities enable you to serve your clients effectively?

I value duty and honor; I will not fail any client that has asked for my help. I will provide the best value for the client that I can provide. And I will do my best to insure that you get the best possible model research paper in the fastest possible time frame.

What types of projects do you like best?

I love issue-advocacy projects that require the writer to argue for a cause, for an issue, for a passion. I believe the best type of writing engages the emotion of the writer, for that kind of writing is what has the ability to move hearts and minds.

Is there any type of writing assignment you will not accept?

I will absolutely not accept any assignment in which I am not sure I can provide a high quality product for which the customer is entitled to. I will also refuse to write or lobby for causes of which I am personally opposed - whether that be anti-free trade and anti-globalization causes, or any cause that promote any kind of bigotry.

When you're not working, what do you like to do for fun?

I'm contracting with a number of companies so I'm pretty busy. I am a avid fencer who has training for over 15 years. I am currently being trained in hand-to-hand combat fighting such as Boxing and weapons. I exercize daily because I learned during my undergraduate studies that the mind cannot live or operate without the body being healthy and strong. I fundraise for local causes and interest groups such as various campaigns to open markets in developing countries and encourage free trade where I can. I am a fan of swimming as a way to relax, and try to do it as much as possible while lounging by water. I am currently teaching myself how to perform some carpentry skills.

Thank you very much, Arthur.

It's been grand!

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