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Research Writer Interview With Bob

Foreign Relations and Modern History

Hello Bob! Why do you work as an online writer?

I enjoy writing more than any other work that I've ever done and would continue to do it whether I was paid or not. Of course, it is always better to be paid for one's work, and being an online writer enables me to travel and live in many countries and still have a reliable source of income. Over the years, I have written my own dissertation, academic books and more essays than I can remember so by now all this comes naturally to me. I know how some students struggle with research, organization, writing, proper use of sources and plagiarism issues since I've been through it all myself over the last thirty years.

What is your educational background?

I have a BA, MA and PhD in modern history and foreign relations and was a university teacher for over twenty years, as well as head of a university department and acting dean for a while-the latter because no one else wanted the job! For fifteen years, I worked all over the world as a university teacher, but when I discovered that I could make a pretty living as a freelance writer on the Internet and still live and travel where I wanted, I jumped at the chance.

Why did you choose Custom Papers?

This company has one of the best reputations in the field for the way it deals with its writers and customers. It is not one of the scam companies that only care about making a dollar in the short term, and a quick look on the Internet will show you exactly which ones are like that. All experienced freelance writers learn very soon which ones to avoid, and they only survive by constantly bringing in new writers and customers who do not yet know that the company is run by fraudsters. That's why it is always a pleasure to come across an honest company like Custom Papers that pays its contracted writers and delivers quality papers for its customers.

What types of projects have you worked on as a freelance writer?

I've written about anything and everything, apart from mathematics, engineering and the hard sciences. In this line of work, a writer never knows what kinds of projects will come up from one day to the next, which certainly keeps things interesting. In my portfolio, there are essays on a wide variety of subjects, including international law, history, government, political science, foreign relations, literature, poetry, business, world trade and banking. If I think a subject is too far outside my area of expertise or beyond my knowledge and abilities, however, I will be the first to say so and pass it on to some other writer more familiar with the subject.

What are you other interests?

First and foremost, I enjoy travel and learning about new countries and cultures firsthand, and visiting all kinds of historical sites. I like the ocean and living in places with warm climates, since I grew up in New York. That's why I have no interest is seeing any more ice and snow in my life. I had a wide variety of jobs when I was going through school, most of which I would not care to do again, and also spent some time in the military when I was younger. As I said, of all the work I've done in my life, freelancing on the Internet is the best, as long as it is possible to make a living doing it.

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