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Research Writer Interview With Calissa

Writing in Kitchen

Hello Calissa. What can you tell me about your interests, in general?

I love learning. I also love writing. It's especially satisfying to me to put those two loves together and create something interesting to someone else. Particularly intriguing areas for me include sociology, psychology (see my Bachelor's degree cognates), community activism and counseling (see my Master's degree coursework, background in case management for a mental health agency, and practicum/internship completed in an elementary school Counselor's office), nature and animals/environmental preservation, natural remedies and do-it-yourself home-made lotions/soaps, etc, vegetarianism, cooking, history (see my work for Ancient Origins), travel/hotel/luxury (see my pieces for Trivago), and politics.

What are your favorite vegetarian foods?

My family loves to make big pots of vegetarian soups in the winter with lots of beans and rice, a great variety of vegetables, a heart vegetable broth and plenty of garlic and onions. We enjoy vegetable egg rolls, burritos, bean/rice/cheese/jalapeno chimichangas, home-made hummus with fresh avocado, stir-fry broccoli and carrots over brown rice with Bragg's, vegetarian lasagna with spinach and mushrooms, all sorts of fruit smoothies, pineapple, green pepper and jalapeno pizzas, and buying huge boxes of clementines when in season (it usually coincides with flu season, which is perfect for those little tasty bursts of vitamin C!) Summer is our best season with the bountiful fruit and vegetable selections in the produce sections and in the farmer's markets - cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, plums, sweet corn, zucchini, tomatoes (especially 'black cherry tomatoes' grown from Baker Creek Heirloom seed collection for delicious tomato sandwiches!), and strawberries are our summer favorites. There is a local Mexican restaurant we adore called 'Mucho Mas' which serves up all organic and many vegetarian entrees. There is SO much to eat as a vegetarian - and we are working on going vegan too!

Tell me more about the do-it-yourself and home remedies.

I stock up on coconut oil, beeswax and other oils, baking soda, corn starch, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, etc. and little jelly jars - then I go to town. I made lotions, soaps, shampoos, natural body butter, and dish/laundry soap. I also swear by elderberry syrup for cold prevention and keep some on hand at all times - just take a shot of it when you first feel that inkling of a cold coming on and it will knock it right out! Also, I've used apple cider vinegar to remove moles completely and fresh lemon juice with baking soda to clean my kitchen. Those are just a few examples.

That's really interesting. So many of your interests are really reflected in your academic background then. Tell my why you think you'd make a great Research Writer for this company.

Well, that's easy. I got straight A's on all the writing I submitted for every single class I took in college, graduate school, and even in high school. I know I be a great Research Writer because I've done it before very successfully many times. I've been published numerous times, and I can provide you the samples to confirm. I'm reliable and my work is of the highest possible quality. My hours are easily adjusted to match your needs regardless of time zones. I have the utmost integrity and would never plagiarize anything - I don't need to do that when my own writing is excellent. I have the flexibility to work within your business hours remotely from my home office - just let me know what hours you need, and those will be my official new hours! What more do you need?

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