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Research Writer Interview With Carl

Personal Interest In Each Project

Hi Carl! How did you become interested in academic writing and research services?

Like almost everyone, my first experiences with academic writing came in middle school. It was something I naturally gravitated toward and something at which I excelled. It was also the area in school where I received the most praise from teachers and peers, a phenomenon that continued all the way to college, where I won an award for a paper on Bob Dylan and was nominated for another on the films of Spike Lee. It was also in college that I began helping friends and classmates with their essays and papers. I became adept at helping non-writers say just what they meant in their written work, a skill that has won me repeat business from a number of happy clients.

What do you like most about academic writing?

I like helping people make concrete sense of complex and abstract subject matter. I enjoy pulling ideas apart and putting them back together again in order to make a point. I delight in the challenge of turning dry academic information into eloquent, highly readable prose. I also, quite simply, love to learn. I enjoy the time that I get to spend thinking about things I may never have otherwise and the deeper understanding of the world that this affords me.

What sets you apart from other writers?

My personal standards for my work are extremely high and I am a harsh and effective judge of my own writing. I have a Bachelor's in English with a minor in communications, so I've spent quite a bit of time honing my craft as a writer. I know when a piece is perfect, and when it's not, I know how to get it there. Every client I've ever worked with has received my absolute best, both in terms of the piece itself and the level of attention and communication that I provide throughout the process. If necessary, I can turn projects around in a matter of hours. I take a personal interest in each project and treat it as my own. Most importantly, I listen to my clients and provide them with exactly what they need to succeed academically.

What do you think makes a good paper?

First and foremost, a good paper is one that very directly addresses the assignment. Students often fall victim to more interesting ideas that don't actually fall within the scope of the assignment, creating beautiful, eloquent, and thought-provoking essays that will, in all likelihood, receive poor grades. Besides this, the most important thing is the writer's ability to find something about the topic that really interests him or her. A writer with a genuine interest in his subject will always produce a better piece. It may not always be obvious at first, but even in the most mundane assignments, it's possible to find something to pique your interest. Finally, a good paper demonstrates a mastery of the subject matter. It lets readers know that you've gone beyond the basics and have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand.

What do you do besides school research, editing, and writing?

I am currently working in telecommunications. I also write screenplays, one of which was produced last year as a student film. In my spare time, I record my own instrumental music. I also like to read, watch The Simpsons, and dangle things in front of my cat, Bongo.

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