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Research Writer Interview With Charlotte

Practice of Writing

Hi Charlotte. So, you're a freelance writer?

Yes, I work from home as a writer, editor, and proofreader, although sometimes I offer one-to-one tutoring and marketing consultations for small businesses. Most of the writing I do is either academic or business writing. I write, edit, and proofread a lot of papers, including essays, theses, dissertations, and seminar pieces for students all around the world and at various stages of their education.

What kind of academic subjects to you cover?

Well, I have a really strong and diverse background. I studied for my PhD in English Literature at Cambridge. I also got an MA in History. Then, I came to New York and studied for a dual degree: an MBA and an MS in Journalism. For, I'm looking to write any and all kinds of papers because I love to practice different types of writing, particularly academic writing.

How long have you worked as an independent freelance writer for

I've only just signed up with, although I've known about the organization for a long time. There are a lot of essay mills out there, but CustomPapers has an outstanding reputation as a really serious and reputable company.

So why did you decide to work for

Basically, I like to have a diverse workload. I take on a lot of projects that have nothing to do with academic writing, but I love that sort of writing. I love writing about literature, philosophy, history; just about anything. At the end of the day, academic writing is far more fun than most of the other sorts. I also like helping students. I know that the work load in high school and college is insane; particularly if you're trying to take on extracurricular responsibilities as well. Sometimes you just can't make a deadline and you need help. I don't judge anyone for admitting that they need help and taking an alternative route when necessary. In the real world, when you're juggling responsibilities and workloads, you need to know when to delegate. That's what writing for is about for me.

You have degrees in English Literature and History. Are these the subjects you're looking to specialize in?

Actually, I'm not looking to specialize in any particular subject or subject area. I love writing about literature and history, but I am comfortable and capable of writing about virtually anything. Writing is a process and it begins with research. I've written papers about medicine and mathematics; about politics and philosophy. It's not a question of knowing everything about those subjects. It's about researching thoroughly and enjoying the process of learning.

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