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Research Writer Interview With Dante

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Good morning Dante. How long have you been a research writer?

I've only just started writing for Custom Papers, in fact this interview is the first thing that I have done for them. That being said, I have completed extensive higher educational studies and currently work as a full-time journalist. Through my studies at university, where I have studied subjects ranging from journalism, English/writing, public relations, history, media, and theatre, I have had a lot of experience writing different styles of term papers with different referencing formats.

Are you based in America?

No, I'm actually based out of Australia; however, this is not an issue. The major benefit of my being based in Australia is that clients based outside of the States can receive assignments tailored more to Oceanic standards with a further understanding of the Australian and New Zealand education systems. This fact should also encourage clients outside of the US to use our service. On the other hand, living in Australia does not detract from my capabilities in writing for an American client.

What are your strongest subjects?

Working as a journalist has exposed me to many different subjects, as has my many years at university. I have always lent towards English, Music, History, Religion and Politics in my studies and writing but can take on any issue outside of these five. My work has taken me from writing across music to sport, to writing across all aspects of the trades industries, i.e. building, electronics, and home automation. That being said, I am also more than willing to take on the challenge of writing a paper on a subject that I have little to no experience in writing about.

Are there any subjects you will not write about?

I will accept any assignment that I can produce a quality paper out of. Understandably, at times there will be papers requested that somebody else might be better suited to write, and in this situation they would be the ones to write it.

Why write for Custom Papers?

That's an easy question. I wanted to write for them because I enjoy writing and will take any opportunity given to me to write. The fact that sold me on wanting to become a custom writer for Custom Papers was that all of the work was entirely original and that there is a definite structure against plagiarism, which ensured that I would be writing for a reputable organisation.

What do you say to people who say that your service hinders students rather than help them?

Well, having been through uni while working I know how difficult it can be to complete everything on time to the bets of my ability. The service that I, and Custom Papers, provides is a necessary aid to a lot of students who can't afford to work and attend classes all day then work at night as well as finding time to write term papers. Further, the educational system relies on so much more than just term papers, there is obviously the existence of standardised testing, in-class participation, and portfolio work.

What do you do in your spare time?

Well, I have performed in a band for more years than not, so I enjoy playing gigs or heading down to the local jazz club to sit back and listen. On top of that I'm always up for going down to my local for a few drinks with mates. I'm also planning a book on Australian politics and the 2007 Federal election much in the vein of my personal hero Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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