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Research Writer Interview With Dawn

Masters of Arts, Psychology, and History

How long have you been writing?

Including my college education, I have over 9 years of academic writing experience. I have been writing fiction and poetry since I was in elementary school. I have worked for essay writing services before, and this is my first time with Essays For Research. At my last writing service, I had more than 50% positive survey rate, and have completed more than 150 orders.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Developmental Studies, and a minor in Women's Studies, I also have a Masters of the Arts in Psychology. I have currently decided that a career change is in order, and have chosen to pursue a Masters in History and Museum Studies.

What fields have you written papers in?

I have written papers in art analysis and criticism, literature analysis and criticism, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, communications media, political science, and philosophy. I have recently started writing papers in the areas of law, and economics, although, these are not areas I am comfortable with yet.

What type of papers do you write?

I write everything from book and film reviews to masters theses and doctoral dissertations. I prefer to write longer papers since shorter papers often require just as much research as the shorter papers, and take just as long to complete.

What citation styles do you use?

I am familiar with APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Oxford citation styles. I am currently teaching myself legal citation including Australian Legal Citation (ALGC), and ASA referencing. I do not use AMA, or ACS referencing mostly because I do not write papers for the medical field, or the sciences.

What are your views on plagiarism?

I simply do not plagiarize. This not only applies to papers that I personally write, but to papers that I copyedit as well. If the full citation information for a source including title, authors, volume number, pages, and publication are not present in a paper that I am editing I substitute a different article and re-write that section of the paper. All sources within papers are cited either parenthetically or in footnotes.

Why do you write academic essays and research papers?

I have always loved writing, and am much better at writing non-fiction than I am fiction. You will not catch me without a notebook, or journal, and my laptop is usually open to my blog. I write on a variety of subjects, and am hoping to become a published author. Writing freelance for a service such as this allows me to keep my writing skills polished while being paid to do what I love.

What journal databases do you have access to?

I have access to InfoTrac, Academic Gold, Academic ASAP, InfoTrac Newspaper Database, Psycinfo, FindLaw.Com, ERIC, and Medline. If any other journal databases are needed, they will have to be requested specifically by email, as I do not have access to a university library system.

Can I request your services specifically?

I do not mind taking requests for papers. However, I do appreciate advance notice. My school schedule and my day job mean that my schedule is very tight, and I need to schedule time to write days and weeks in advance.

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