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Research Writer Interview With Delma

English Creative Writing

Hello Delma! What makes for a good essay, especially in academic writing?

First, a good essay is clear on what the topic is about and this must be evident from the first paragraphs or the introduction. Second, it must be logical and organized. It is essential to have a working outline where ideas are organized already before proceeding to write the body of the essay. Sub-headings must be developed by supporting statements. Third, it must be clear or unambiguous in its expression. This means that proper words are used. Clarity is also achieved by using relatively shorter sentences and each sentence should ideally be about only one idea. In academic writing it helps to clarify the exact meaning of the concepts being used, as concepts can have multiple meanings. Fourth, it is essential to cite sources or references that are used in the article or essay so as to avoid plagiarism. Fifth, one must be consistent with the format used in the essay - whether it is MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian.

What is the most important thing in writing about any topic?

The most important thing in writing about any topic is to have knowledge of that topic. If this is not the case, then it is best to conduct research first about the topic and make sure that a sufficient knowledge is at hand before proceeding to write.

What are the three academic formats? Briefly describe each format.

The three academic formats are (1) MLA (Modern Language Association) (2) APA (American Psychological Association) and (3) Chicago and Turabian.

MLA: Often used by humanities departments; in-text citation names the author of the source, often in signal phrase and gives the page number, or if not available the chapter and paragraph numbers in parenthesis. Then the reader is directed to the list of references at the end of the page, with the publication information.

APA: The sciences prefer published papers; in-text citation shows the last name of the author and the date of publication; parentheses will have the author's name, paper date and page numbers.

Chicago and Turabian: Use one of two forms of citations - the traditional Chicago style paper uses footnotes or endnotes with a bibliography while the more current Chicago/Turabian style paper use parenthetical notations (author, publication date and page numbers) with a Works Cited page at the end of the paper.

What is plagiarism? Give some of your thoughts and ideas about it.

Plagiarism is an offense committed when a researcher or writer takes upon himself the authorship of ideas, or research findings of another. Plagiarism may be committed inadvertently especially when an author or researcher over the course of long years of exposure to a field of study has taken to accepting previous ideas generated by others in the past as general knowledge. Plagiarism may be avoided with proper study of citation formats. Plagiarism may also be avoided with a thorough review of literature and the formulation of clear research questions and thesis - in that this would help separate existing and previous knowledge from the potential contribution of the researcher doing a current study.

What topics or subject areas do you want to write about?

1. English Literature / Creative Writing
2. Psychology and Spirituality
3. Psychiatry, Neurology and Holistic Medicine
4. Political Thought, International Relations
5. The merging of quantum physics and spirituality
6. Business
7. Art

In brief, please give the reasons of your choice of subjects that you've listed above.

My first love is English literature and creative writing. I have been a voracious reader of literature since I was a child. I am curious as to why people behave the way they do so Psychology is one field I've always been into. I am a very spiritual person, and though raised a Catholic, I have always recognized the inherent truths in every religion or faith. I think there are fields where truths converge: quantum physics, medicine, and spirituality. I had a good exposure to business in my previous job.

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