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Research Writer Interview With Dorothy

Always Positive Feedback

Hello Dorothy, why exactly have you chosen this field?

Hi! I love writing and learning new things. Once I graduated, I was worried my writing skills would become rusty if left unused. At the time I was newly married and found I was not writing as much as I used to and I really missed it a lot. Therefore I decided to write academic research essays for those who needed it. So far it has been very satisfying and rewarding. I have fun writing about all sorts of interesting things and I am well paid for my efforts.

Does it bother you that your work might be sold and passed off as the customer's?

I see my relationship with my customer as a mutually beneficent one. The customer gives me the opportunity to utilize my writing skills, hone my researching abilities and continuously reinvent my style. Moreover writing on varied subjects ensures my passion and interest in writing remains strong and unwavering. For this and more, I respect and am grateful to my customers and I see nothing wrong with their owning my work. I know it is in good hands and well appreciated.

There still remains the question of ethics.

People avail themselves of this service for reasons they know best and I believe it is their prerogative. Ultimately it is their hard work which carries them through the course work. I don't even see how it is possible for anyone to ride piggy-back on another's shoulders all the way to the finish line. Therefore my work as I see it is not unethical. I believe students can use my essays to learn how to do their academic work efficiently. The rest is largely irrelevant.

Can you handle a wide range of subject matter?

My interests are varied. I can write on English literature, History, Mathematics, Teaching, Nursing, Human Resources, Philosophy, Medicine, Biology, and Psychology. I am also proficient in the major writing styles and am comfortable with US and British English.

Interest is one thing but does it make you an expert in so many fields?

This is exactly where research comes in. A lot of people find research tedious but I absolutely love it. When I am working on an order I make it my business to acquire and assimilate as much knowledge as possible on the given subject. Consequently my essays are well researched and filled with pertinent information. And at the end of the day I have become something of an expert on that particular subject!

What are your thoughts on plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a disgrace to the profession. Individual thinking and creativity take a beating thanks to plagiarism. The consequences for plagiarism are severe and rightfully so as everyone concerned gets a raw deal. The customer fails to get his/her money's worth, while the reputation of the organization and the writer are severely damaged.

Does quality suffer when you take up a large number of orders for monetary satisfaction? What happens if you are hard pressed for time?

The financial aspect of this job is very satisfying but quality is very important to me. Hate to sound pompous, but I do have my own stringent standards when it comes to writing. I take pride in my writing and never compromise when it comes to the quality of my work. Customer satisfaction takes top priority with me as I respect the fact that they give me my business. I may stay up all night but I will never hand in inferior work. Positive feedback from the customer makes all the toil completely worthwhile.

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