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Research Writer Interview With Ed

Extensive Experience Of A Skilled Writer

Welcome, Ed! First, an obvious question - how did you become a freelance essay writer?

Well, I guess my knack for writing research papers, first became apparent in high school and college. While my friends were not interested in research and writing, I always enjoyed it. After a while, I was helping others with their papers as a favor, and later on, I must have helped dozens of people prepare resumes and cover letters. Ultimately, I realized that I could help many more people by becoming a freelance writer, which allows me to learn and share with others.

What are your qualifications?

When I answer this question, I like to point out that not only do I have extensive experience in writing papers and essays in various formats including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard and others, but I also have a wide base of knowledge that goes into my writing, including an MBA degree, professional experience in both blue collar and white collar professions, and more. I am also an avid reader, which expands my knowledge on a constant basis.

How do you write papers on unfamiliar topics?

I see it as a challenge-very much like a mystery to be solved. Because I love to learn new things as well, I don't view research as work-more like an enjoyable way to spend time. Also, I think that in researching new topics, my writing comes through as fresh and uninhibited, which translates into top quality for clients.

Any particular areas of writing interest?

One topic that I am very interested in writing about, and have written about extensively over the years, is history. The people and events of the past fascinate me, and history truly shapes our future, which makes it a relevant topic anytime. Business, legal issues, and finance are also particular favorites. My book reviews have earned rave reviews, and I love writing them!

What can clients do to ensure that you provide them with outstanding writing?

When a client wants a specific type of paper- such as particular formatting, use of specified sources, or a focus on one area or another, it is important for those details to be included in the order at the time it is placed. That way, I can make sure that I exceed the expectations of the client each and every time. It is also possible for a client to ask for too broad of a topic, which makes it very difficult for the finished paper to be what the client needs or wants.

Ed, earlier you mentioned learning and sharing - can you offer a little more about that?

My experience allows me to share a lot of knowledge with my clients, which helps them a great deal. Also, every project I complete teaches me something, increasing the knowledge that I can share in the future. Using what I know to enrich the lives of others is very rewarding for me, and also makes it possible for me to earn a living doing something I love. There aren't many professions that make something like this a reality, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to help others and utilize my talent at the same time.

Thank you very much, Ed.

Anytime - I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team at Custom Papers.

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