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Research Writer Interview With Edna

Research, Management, Development

How long have you been an academic editor and model essay writer?

Writing has always been my hobby. I used to write poems and short stories when I was in high school and even then got excellent grades for my compositions and papers. I also worked as the editor-in-chief of our school paper and competed in inter-school writing competitions. In college, I continued to write stories and personal experiences - with some of them getting published in major newspapers - apart from the academic papers required at the university. Back then I never really thought that it was possible for anyone to build a nice career from his or her writing talents, or that there were high-paying markets for writers. This might have been true at that time but the immense technological advancements in ICT have clearly changed the situation.

How did you become an academic research writer? What made you decide to become an academic writer?

It happened accidentally when I was searching the internet for writing jobs that I could do on a part-time basis. There was this link advertising a job for online writers which got my interest, but it led to a sponsored page that required a registration fee for me to gain access to writing markets. I was naturally dismayed but I continued to look for other sites. This is how I discovered that there were sites offering custom papers for students. I was naturally apprehensive at first; I wondered whether these sites really paid their writers since there have been stories of freelancers not getting their payments after getting the job done. In the end, I decided to give it a try. I really wanted a part-time job that would not only develop my writing skills but also be profitable enough for me to gain fulfilment from doing it.

Do you have other jobs aside from being an academic writer? What are your other activities aside from writing?

I am currently involved in development work, specifically in disaster response and management. The job is fulfilling since I get to meet different kinds of people and it is always nice to know that they appreciate what you do. I have also been invited as a contributor to a website that went online a few months back but this is not a paid position, more of an advocacy-related activity than for commercial purposes.

My other hobbies include reading books, watercolour painting, drawing and sketching, and watching films. I am also interested in developing my skills at website design and graphic arts. I've done two websites already but these involved basic programming, none of the complicated scripts popularly used by experts. I intend to pursue higher training on website creation to enhance my skill level.

What are the advantages of being an academic writer?

For me, the biggest advantage of being an academic writer is having constant intellectual stimulation. I foresee that I will learn more in the process of completing client's orders while at the same time I gain the opportunity to constantly improve my skills in custom essay writing and research. Of course, the fact that the academic writing market pays well than other writing jobs around is another attraction.

Do you see yourself being a custom academic writer in the long term?

Given that the internet is here to stay and that more and more people are using it, there is an ever-expanding market for academic writing companies and its writers. I would like to think that I could carve a stable career out of this and take advantage of such an opportunity brought by the digital revolution. Therefore, I am very positive that I will be here for the long haul.

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