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Research Writer Interview With Elle

No Amateurish or Boring Example Papers

Welcome to Custom Papers, it's nice to have you on board and giving us this opportunity to know you and your strengths as a freelance writer.

Thank you, I am pleased to join the team of your writers. I feel my background is uniquely suited to your company's service offerings and internal needs.

We understand you are a family person, how does this influence your research and writing?

As a mother of four children, I am constantly living in the moment and seeing the world, new and fresh, through my children's eyes. It is a blessing to be able to have that new perspective every day. My writing incorporates that new and in the moment living, at once being able to draw on my knowledge, education, and skills, while also being able to give the issue I'm writing about that fresh twist. No amateurish boring papers here!

What is your academic background?

First, it is an interesting one. I have a PhD in Environmental law and Energy Studies, a Master's in Geographic Information Systems with a concentration in Environmental Science, and a Bachelor's in Law. I have also completed most of the requirements for my second Masters in Public Administration. You could say I'm a jack of all trades.

What about hobbies?

Strange but true, I love doing neuroscience research. I'm a passionate researcher, and have written on everything from genetic variation to neurotransmitters... and that's just a hobby! Other than that, I love sitting in the sun and doing nothing in particular.

How do you perceive the needs of our clientele?

Quite well, actually. I taught at several top universities across the United States, and always drilled solid writing skills into my students regardless of the subject. Therefore, I can understand the frustration in seeking a foundation to build a thought on, a template to launch from, and a construct within which to frame a theme of research. I can help with those needs, and I love doing it.

What are your strengths in writing?

As far as subject matter, I'm open to most anything. I probably have more hours writing than pilots do in getting a flight license. I am speedy, accurate, thoughtful, and most of all, curious. Very, very curious, about everything. That is my greatest strength and something of immense value in writing on any subject matter.

Have you traveled, and has this influenced your writing at all?

Yes, and definitely. I live in the US, yet have traveled throughout Europe with plans in the future to travel to Asia. I have lived and worked across the US, in major cities of very diverse cultural backgrounds. My writing reflects my cultural chimera background, and I have an affinity for writing that 'speaks' in the tongue of the particular genre that is needed.

Hmm, that sounds like that might be a benefit to our clientele, with our customer base ranging across borders and around the world, no?

Absolutely. With the right information, I can incorporate a cultural tone into the paper that is both natural and well-balanced. Not to mention, brilliantly written.

Well, you certainly have no shortage of confidence.

I've never been faulted for that, true, but that is because I do the work that is necessary to own that attitude.

Thank you for the interview. Any final thoughts?

You are quite welcome. Shakespeare wrote that 'brevity is the soul of wit.' Therefore, adieu!

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