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Research Writer Interview With Eric

Teaching English Literature and History

Hi Eric! Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I have always had an interest in history and literature. As a kid, you could find me on our porch reading a book rain or shine. It’s a good thing the porch was covered. I loved escaping into literature and trying to unravel all of the hidden gems in the writing that the author left there. I excelled in all of my history and English classes all the way through college. I now have a Bachelor’s degree in English with a teaching license endorsed with it. I went to a liberal arts school, Maryville College, so we hade to take multiple other humanities classes, including nearly enough to cover a minor in history. Finally, I am a sports nut and have an extreme background in working as a team and accomplishing goals set out for the team as well as individual goals.

Let’s get more specific in your academic background; what was that like?

To begin with, the English portion of my academic history is littered with papers and research. For every class we took, I would say that there were at least three major grades based on researching topics and turning in papers. So, I got very good at doing the research and being able to concisely make a point while maintaining some voice in my papers. Reading academic papers can get stuffy if they are written in such a clinical, robotic fashion. So adding voice while staying objective and formal was always a benefit to my writing.

Another portion of my academic background was taking all of the history classes that were required or suggested for my major. It was a unique experience being an English major in a class that was half comprised of History majors that tended to think we knew nothing. The looks I received when I answered a question that the history people didn’t know were priceless. Again, in these classes, grades did not come in the form of multiple-choice tests, but rather in the form of essays or a series of short answer questions.

Finally, to jump back to my English side for a bit, we had to write a Senior Thesis, which is what I have attached in the email. As an English Lit major, we could write on just about any Literature subject that we wanted to. Being a teacher, I wanted to choose a book that was relevant to middle and high school aged kids as well, so I wrote my thesis as an exploration of ambiguity in the Harry Potter series. My main goal was to show that the complexity in the books was far greater than what adults in the field give it credit for and that it is a great series for kids to grow up with. It also cautions parents to have their kids read the books at the same pace that they were released for purchase, due to increasing complexity and themes.

So, clearly you have a strong collegiate background. What makes you an excellent research writer and what makes you better than a candidate with a higher-level degree?

Great question. Tackling the first portion first so I can dazzle you with my explanation of the second as my mic. dropping exit, I am an excellent research writer for three reasons. Number One: I am going to outline what I want to say and find research from both sides of the topic. Too often, people don’t want to explore the counter to their side, but it leaves huge gaps in their credibility if they do not. Number Two: Once I get my information, my writing takes a few hours tops to complete. Of course, I take my time and will ensure that the project is completed to the best of my abilities. Otherwise, I would ruin my own credibility. And Number three: I have a working relationship with my college’s library and have access to their vast amounts of information so I will have no problem accessing scholarly information and articles.

And now, how am I a better candidate than someone with a Master’s or PhD? For starters, I am far less busy than they are. Especially if they are currently working on another degree, they don’t have the time to put into writing these articles. Secondly, I will eventually be obtaining a higher level degree, so the only thing they have done that I haven’t is paid more money and accrued more debt. So, to sum up, I have more time and will be able to produce a better product than they will!

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