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Research Writer Interview With Gina

Medical and Scientific Data and Research

For the past thirteen years I've worked in the science and medical field as a researcher, teacher, and writer. I’ve been a freelance science writer since 2005. A year ago I started writing academic papers for private clients and have truly enjoyed this area of specialization. I’ve written model essays within the following fields: biology, chemistry, health, nursing, medicine, sports science and nutrition.

These subjects are very difficult to master and even more difficult to convey in writing. I pride myself in taking scientific research, data, and terminology and organizing it all into a concise and easy-to-understand piece. I’ve helped clients learn to do the same by either composing model papers and/or proofreading their projects.

While obtaining both my undergraduate and Master’s degree, I was involved in writing and editing many of the project types that are typically requested by academic clients, such as: dissertations, essays, abstracts, literature reviews, lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, summaries, and grant applications. Therefore, I'm also very comfortable writing these types of papers.

I have a Master of Biomedical Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology/Biology. During graduate school, I carried out a two-year microbiology research study and wrote a corresponding thesis and committee presentation. Therefore, I know first-hand what academic clients are going through and what they need from a writer. I also became proficient in statistical analysis and can provide this service for clients as well as writing and graph production.

For several years after college, I worked as a technician in a clinical laboratory and this employment experience enabled me to practice clinical writing. I wrote and edited many literature reviews, product summaries, testing protocols, research papers and standard operating procedures.

I’m an excellent research writer because I produce quality work on time, every time. I’m very familiar with the writing styles and requirements of different academic papers, so I can easily write papers in the correct format and with the correct citation styling. Most papers that I’ve written have used AMA, APA and MLA citation styles but I’m also familiar with Turabian and Chicago. Since I consider myself an expert in the field of biological sciences, I know how to research the most reliable journals and research databases to draft highly relevant, thought-provoking papers. I’m constantly studying science news and journal articles as I feel it’s my job to stay current in the field and keep abreast of new research studies.

I take to heart how important model papers are to university students and dedicate myself to producing original, excellent academic products that are always delivered by deadline. I’m very open to accommodating a client’s edit requests and will do everything in my power to make the client happy with their purchase. However, I feel it's critical to focus on the details of a client’s request so that revisions are not usually needed.

I’m a native English speaker and writer and was born and raised in the United States. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and am a fulltime freelance writer. I run my writing business with my husband, who is also an academic writer specializing in business and accounting. My interests involve spending time outdoors, working with rescue animals, traveling and reading.

Writing for Custom Papers would give me the chance to focus entirely on writing for clients instead of constantly marketing my services to obtain new clients. I’m most productive when I can just focus on writing and truly believe this focus would greatly benefit the Custom Papers team. Since I’m currently a freelancer, I have very open availability, can start immediately and can dedicate a lot of time to writing for your clients.

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