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Research Writer Interview With Ivan

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Hello, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I'd be glad to! My name is Ivan and I will graduate from UCLA in a month with a degree in political science and history. I am from Irvine, California in Orange County, and have lived in Los Angeles for the past five years.

And you have an interest in writing?

Yes, I enjoy writing very much. I especially began to enjoy writing when arriving at UCLA, and taking classes on English rhetoric, as I was considering being an English major. However, I found my niche to be in the social sciences, and switched to those majors. But of course I have to write quite a lot for history and political science, often doing original research.

What do you mean by original research?

Well, I'll give you an example. My most accomplished paper, I believe, was when I was a sophomore and taking a class on political violence. We were given an open ended question for our term paper, and I choose a question looking to determine if nations that participate in international competition are less likely to engage in hostile and violent relations with each other. I used extensive research on international relations between hundreds of nations, and used the record books for academic and sports competitions dating back for hundreds of years. I evaluated the data statistically, graphed it, and made analysis accordingly. I won an award on this paper for most original and creative work and this paper is currently being used as a model paper for the class.

Interesting. What were your findings?

I determined that nations which are more competitive in international events are less likely to be hostile towards each other. But these findings could also be related to the economic level of competitive nations, and their history, so further research would be necessary to validate my findings.

And you said you have also written a lot about history?

Yes that is true. I have written research papers ranging from modernism in Turkey, the Muslim slave trade in Africa, the fall of the Soviet Union, a visit to a California ghost mining town, the plague in medieval Europe, the achievements of Caesar Augustus, and the Renaissance in Italy, among others.

I see you are well rounded in your study of history, and I assume political science as well.

That is correct, I have written on all subjects within political science from comparative politics, to game theory, American politics, and international relations.

But what about other subjects other than your specialty? How would you rate your experience and abilities in other fields?

I believe I am an accomplished writer in all fields within the humanities. In the past I have written on ethics in philosophy, old English literature such as Beowulf, rock and roll music, and even academically on subjects of interest to me like the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Furthermore I can adequately research and learn about subjects which I do not have much prior knowledge on.

And now for what maybe the most important question. What do you think will make you a good writer for Custom Papers?

I enjoy doing it. That is the most important. But also, I think I can express myself very clearly in custom academic writing, and have a good ability to do necessary research and put in the necessary time to produce excellent work. I have a lot of freelance writing experience, and I am looking forward to having much more experience!

Thank you for your time.


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