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Research Writer Interview With Jeannie

Meeting Students' Needs

How long have you been writing and what types of material?

I have been a professional writer for eight years. I have been published in many different magazines, books and educational material. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics. I started writing devotionals and then expanded to different types of writing including academic writing.

What are your three most important events in your life?

The first would be my children and especially my second child who was a miracle child. Rating, also, number one would be my husband who was my first teenage boyfriend but we did not marry until 25 years later. The second and third most important event is my education and my writing accomplishments.

What motivated me to research and write academic material as a freelancer?

Money is a natural motivator, but what really motivates me is my desire to help others. If I feel good about my work and what it accomplishes, then I work harder and more diligently. I believe many students are stressed out due to the amount of work they must achieve while often working various types of jobs to earn the money to go to college. I also like the work freedom I have.

Do you enjoy writing term papers and why?

Yes, I enjoy writing term papers, research papers, and book reports. I have a desire to learn and expand my field of knowledge. I believe that my researching and writing not only helps the student but helps me as well. When I am approached to write on different topics other than my own field of expertise, it gives me an opportunity to learn more about different subjects. I will not give a student a paper without I am totally satisfied that it meets the needs of the student.

Tell me about your research skills. What experience have you had with the Internet?

I love to research. I do it for fun as well as for different publications of web sites. Knowing how to find different topics is a challenge to me that I enjoy doing. I do not quit researching even when the going gets rough. I believe the Internet covers almost every topic and almost anything can be found on it. I have a book called, Facts in a Flash that offers a lot of different websites to find information.

Why would you enjoy contracting for a company that writes model term papers?

I understand the world of a student. I became a student when I was 35 years old. My youngest daughter was only a year old. My role of a college student had to mix with having an infant. Let me tell you that it was rough at times. The hardest part of getting my Masters was research and writing term papers. No one explained the APA format. The instructor just told us to use it. I struggled and made it with a little help. It is this help that I like to help others with.

What are your favorite topics? What topics do you believe you are unqualified to do?

I enjoy writing on almost any topic. Communications, speeches, literature, business, psychology, sociology, and personal philosophy are examples of some of the topics I have completed. When it comes to statistics or graphs, I rather pass on these.

How many years have you been writing custom academic research papers?

I have been writing academic papers for several years. I teach a class at a local college and often write example academic papers for my students to know what I want when it comes to grading. I have worked for different companies as an academic writer for a couple of years.

Describe a paper that is fun to write and a paper that would be difficult.

Creativity papers or descriptive essays can be fun to write. Admission essays are usually challenging but also fun. The most difficult type of research papers would be with statistics or graphs. I love the challenge of writing essays and term papers for almost any topic.

What do you feel about plagiarism?

Academic plagiarism is wrong. It hurts everyone. It hurts the author who created the works as well as the person copying the work. There are no reasons for anyone to plagiarize. It is so easy to site the works being used or simply to read the material and write it in a person's own words and give the original author credit for it. I enjoy writing college essays and term papers and believe that I provide a service to the students that will make their college lives easier as they reach out to obtain their goals.

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