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Research Writer Interview With Jim

Public Relations And Journalism

Hi Jim. What is your educational background?

I am a graduate of Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. I have degrees in public relations and journalism. In college, I worked as a journalist and freelance writer and was published in a book of short stories and essays.

Why do you enjoy academic writing?

Academic writing has always been a good fit for me. As one who studied writing, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to learn how to conduct research projects and structure papers properly, especially for students studying in areas where writing is not a primary focus. By writing academic models, I feel I am doing my part in helping students gain knowledge that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I believe that if one can learn to write well, it will positively show in their educational and professional lives. I also thoroughly enjoy research and using my skills to translate thoughts onto paper. Academic writing allows me to share my passion for writing with my clients, as well as learn along the way.

What can your clients expect from you?

I don't miss deadlines. Because I am also a journalist, I fully understand the importance of having work completed on time. I also will not accept an assignment unless I am thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject or can provide valid, verifiable research. My work is 100 percent original, creative, and concise.

What types of projects do you enjoy the most?

That is a relatively difficult question to answer. I, however, especially enjoy projects having to do with literature, sociology, psychology, wildlife and the arts.

Do you shy away from specific projects?

I am a very honest with my clients and with myself. I will not accept projects that I haven't tackled in the past, or are beyond my ability to deliver a solid product. Regardless of a writer's talent, being all things to all people simply isn't possible. I, therefore, know what I am capable of and I shine in those areas.

Do you do other writing aside from academic and research?

I am also a journalist. I write news stories, three weekly columns, magazine features, music and Internet pieces. I have been a working freelance writer for 12 years. I also have over 20 years experience in news reporting.

When did you start working as a writer?

My first writing job was actually in high school. I got to know the sports editor of my hometown newspaper from when he covered local sporting events. I asked him if he would write some stories about my football and baseball teams if I sent him the stats from our games. At first I was just giving him scores and highlights. However, after a couple of weeks, I was told to go ahead and try my hand at writing the stories myself. I fell in love with writing from that point on. I have always been especially proud of how I got started. When most student-writers were working for their high school newspapers, I was getting published in the daily on a regular basis. I was 15. From there, I wrote whenever I could. When I entered college, I immediately began writing for my campus paper and also freelanced. As an education major, it became obvious that my passion was writing. After three semesters of English education, I changed my major and graduated with a B.S. in Public Relations and Journalism. Out of college, I entered the financial services industry and built my writing resume until I was confident enough to write professionally full-time for a number of writing agencies.

When you're not working, how to you occupy your time?

I enjoy fishing, mountain biking, gardening, boating and watching baseball. I am also a working musician. I have a few regular gigs close to home, which allows me to spend a lot of time writing and with my children. When I am not working, my 8-year-old daughter and 11-month-old son keep me very busy.

Thank you very much, Jim.

Always welcome!

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