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Research Writer Interview With Jordan

Taking On An Essay Writing Challenge

Good morning, Jordan! What initially drew you to working with

I had been working in the corporate world and found that I was very tired of having a job that did not allow me any opportunity for creativity. I started looking into beginning my career as a freelance writer and found through the Internet. I always enjoyed writing custom essays or term papers and researching while in college; I wanted to continue with academic writing in a setting that provided students with high quality work.

What have you enjoyed most about writing for

Once you've been out of college for a while, it's not as easy to be actively learning every day. I enjoy doing the research for papers because with every paper, I'm learning something new or making a new connection between ideas. Plus, I get the chance to help people when they're in a bind, and that's always good! I also love working from home.

What is your educational and career background?

I have Bachelor's Degrees in both English and Psychology. After graduating, I worked as a counselor in a mental health center and then went on to more formally structured business environments, one in which I composed and proofread all the professional correspondence and another in which I managed Homeowner's Associations.

And what about your custom essay and term paper writing background?

As I mentioned, I have a degree in English with focuses both on Literature and Creative Writing. The first story I ever wrote was at the age of 6 and throughout grade school, I was "that kid" who enjoyed writing book reports during summer vacation. Throughout college and even now, I help friends with their writing. I also have experience writing in clinical and professional settings.

How do you know that you can write quality papers for a range of subjects for

I'm one of those people who enjoy being busy and I much prefer that to being bored. While there are subjects in which I have more experience than others, new paper topics allow me the chance to branch out. I'm a fast reader and learner and can easily pick up new material.

What is your opinion of the term paper writing services that CustomPapers offers to students?

When I was in college, I worked full-time and went to school full-time and there were plenty of days when I felt exhausted. I think offers students a little peace of mind when it comes to their academic career. Students can be assured that they will receive a quality example essay or term paper in a short amount of time and so, can focus on other aspects of school, their jobs, and their families.

What would be your ideal project to work on?

I would have to say that any project that is intriguing or thought-provoking is what I enjoy the most. I do have my favorite and preferred subjects, like English, Psychology, and History, and subjects that I'm not so fluent in, like Chemistry or Physics, but if the paper topic is requires some thorough analysis, then I'm ready for it and willing to take on a challenge!

How do you know when NOT to take a research project?

If the subject is something a little beyond my scope and will require more research than time allows, I will not take the project. I don't ever want to take on a project and then find myself unable to complete it because that's not fair to the student. If I am not confident in my ability to write an excellent paper on a given topic, I will not accept the project.

Thank you for your time, Jordan!

You're welcome and thank you for the opportunity of working with!

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