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Research Writer Interview With Kadine

Consistent Reader And Editor

We caught up with Kadine at the Pop's Diner where we were able to do a quick interview.

Good evening Kadine.

Good evening, thanks for joining me.

Thanks for doing this interview. First, what or who inspired you to become a writer for Custom Papers?

I started reading at an early age and it was then when I realized that I was naturally interested in academia. Growing up, the use of the English language came natural to me. I didn't have to prepare for many of my exams and the results were exceptional. I discovered Custom Papers, which was introduced to me by a former newspaper editor. Now that I'm a part of this prestigious team of writers, I'm gung-ho about implementing my writing techniques.

Do you do selective writing or do you take on any challenge given?

Well, I'll have to say that I'm all rounded. I am able to write essays from fact to fiction. Most essays are fiction anyway (fun). The harder the project, the more stimulating it is for me.

Seeing as how you've been writing essays repeatedly over a number of years - has it ever become monotonous?

Not at all!! When I start to write, the ideas come out faster than I can type. I'm able to effectively manipulate words and turn raw research into final products. I can never (well not in the near future) see writing as being tedious. My life without writing would be like a bird without wings.

You made a statement that you are all rounded. Are you saying that you know everything about every thing?

If I should say that I am completely familiar with all the details of, or facts about something would be a lie. No one knows everything; that is why, we have to do in-depth reading and research. Current affairs and history always play a significant role in high-quality writing. Once you are a consistent reader projects would be unproblematic because you are already familiar with the subject of interest.

What are your views on customized essay writing?

From personal experience, I am very aware of the time restraints and pressure of completing a college degree. It can be very time consuming, especially if you are pre-occupied with work. I think Custom writing is a way or - should I say - a very good way of minimizing one's workload. It doesn't make the student less smart because the whole point of getting a custom writer is to get personalized assistance.

Can you give me a brief description of some of the work you have done besides what you've done at Custom Papers?

To begin with, I have written editorials for the local newspapers on issues such as illegal migration, human trafficking, and gender relations in the work place. I have written eulogies for dignitaries, and I've co-written stage plays. I have written four short stories ("My Ghetto Story", "Honey", "Trapped"). Right now I'm working on a true-to-life life story ("The Suicide") which I am writing in my spare time.

You wrote an article about Reiki which many people weren't familiar with. Did you have to do a lot of research and was it very challenging?

I definitely had to do a lot of research, evaluating sources, and an ample amount of reading. Reiki is a very broad subject and I had to condense it to fit the article. I wouldn't say it was very challenging but I really had to be focused and absorb the information quickly. Once you read and fully understand the issue then you shouldn't have a problem. That's one of the main factors - good comprehension skills.

Why should you be chosen over the competition?

Based on my qualifications, experience, and love of writing, I know that I will be able to compose essays that meet the demands of university professors. Yes, my passion for writing says it all. It's not hard to see that the only way to achieve good results is through me (laugh).

I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks for your time.

It was my pleasure. Let's talk again soon!

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