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Research Writer Interview With Karen

I Was A College Student, Too

Hi Karen. What experiences do you have writing custom essays and term papers?

I've worked for a few other companies that "write" papers for students, but I wasn't happy there. I felt pressured to create less than quality work, and also to cut and paste from other papers to make new ones. I felt badly for the students who received these papers, since I knew that they weren't original. I kept searching, and eventually I found Custom Papers.

What made Custom Papers Different?

Well, the first thing I was told by the staff was that plagiarism of any form was totally unacceptable. This was great news to me, as I knew I would be able to do quality work for the students who hired me. I was also very happy with how accessible the staff was to me. If I had any questions, they were right on it. At the other companies I worked for, I didn't have contact with anyone really, just a web page with paper listings. No one seemed to monitor whether or not the papers were completed, whether the students were satisfied or had requested changes. At Custom Papers, I have direct contact with the students and can make any changes they request. This gives me peace of mind, and helps me provide a much better service to the students.

What made you pursue a career in writing?

I love to write. It comes easier to me than, say, complex math equations or scientific formulas. It's always been something I enjoy doing, so it naturally became my career choice. I've written for some major research companies, and also created documents for office use. I like working for Custom Papers because it fits my schedule really well, and I get to write and research all kinds of exciting topics.

Do you choose what to write about for the papers?

Sort of. I get an information sheet from the person who wants the paper written, and sometimes it is just a general topic. From there I would create a thesis and write a paper using the information sheet as a guide. Other times the paper request is very specific, and I follow the specific directions exactly. Either way, I'm usually researching and writing on a variety of essay topics that are very interesting.

Does your custom work create an unfair advantage for students?

I suppose it could be taken that way. I was a student once myself, so I completely understand how stressful it can be to have several papers due at once and no time to write them. I think it is the smart student that evaluates what his or her needs are and knows when to outsource the work, and when to complete it on his or her own. We live in an extremely competitive world, and we must take that into account.

What do you do when you have to write a paper on a topic you're completely unfamiliar with?

That's another reason why I like working for Custom Papers better than any of the others. If I'm not comfortable writing a paper, I don't have to do it. We have plenty of people on our team with a wide range of backgrounds, so if I can't do it, someone else can. This works out well for the student because they get a person with background and knowledge of their topic writing their paper. For myself, I wouldn't want it any other way.

What would you say to a student who struggles with his or her writing?

I would probably tell that student to not be afraid to ask for help. If he or she feels overwhelmed, our service can really help out. We can also edit work, and this can help build confidence in someone who struggles with essay writing.

Do you have any suggestions for students choosing an essay writing site?

Yes. Don't ever buy a cheap term paper! At least if you do, don't hand it in to your professor. That paper has probably been passed around thousands of times, and there is a good chance your professor has seen it before. Don't risk it! Get a paper that is custom written for only you. It may cost a little more, but the peace of mind is definitely worth it. Take it from someone who has worked for the other companies and knows. Custom Papers is the most reliable, professional web site around.

Thank you for your time, Karen.

Sure! :)

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