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Research Writer Interview With Kathleen

Biochemistry and Physical Science Research

Hi Kathleen! Tell me, what sparked your interest in academic writing?

My interest in writing came alive during my graduate studies. Oftentimes we were assigned academic writing type assignments where we read pieces of current literature and translated it into laymen’s terms. I enjoyed both the opportunity to research and learn something new as well as the chance to explain it to others. I worked as a teaching assistant and love helping to instruct others and academic writing gives me an opportunity to expand my knowledge base as well as help instruct others on proper format for essays and other assignments.

What lead you to freelance writing specifically?

Freelance writing fits my schedule perfectly. I am currently finishing my Master’s thesis and have been looking for a way to earn money as a part-time position. Since I am already working from home while I write my thesis, doing something like freelance writing would fit perfectly in my day. I was referred to CustomPapers specifically from a current freelance writer who spoke highly of the organizations integrity. With academic writing it is difficult to find an agency that values honesty, hires intellectuals, and prioritizes copyright law.

What topics would you enjoy to write about?

I studied biochemistry and chemistry for my undergraduate and graduate degrees and love all areas of physical science especially. Working and learning as a biochemist, I have also become very interested in the health and medicinal fields. That being said, I would not turn down an opportunity to learn and research something new.

How have your academics influenced your writing ability?

The most dramatic influence I have received is the ability to research a topic and organize a research paper or essay efficiently. I have had extensive experience finding peer-reviewed articles covering a range of topics and citing them using a proper format. Doing research in a laboratory setting has also helped to improve my writing by giving me a new depth. I learned to analyze current and past literature from the perspective of someone who would be applying aspects to her own work. I can read articles critically and have developed a sense for academic dishonesty. Also I have become well-tuned to the time-table required for the completion of a paper and have learned to work well with deadlines.

What do you excel at and what do you find most difficult when writing?

I have been trained to think analytically so preparing an outline and acquiring facts is quite easy for me. I am able to organize and present information in a logical, coherent way. The most difficult parts for me are in the transitions and other editorial aspects.

Are you structured in your approach to writing or more free-form?

I tend to be slightly structured but not overly so. I usually start an assignment with a general outline of the topics that should be addressed, not going into too much detail. I write a rough introduction and conclusion and then go into each section at a time. I support the main claims with sufficient facts and ensure the statements are cited then I return to the introduction and conclusion and expand to bring the topic full circle. The main focus for me is ensuring each main topic is sufficiently supported and that the paper transitions well between main ideas.

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