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Research Writer Interview With Kelly

An Accomplished Essay And Report Writer

Good afternoon Kelly, we would like to ask you a few questions about writing for Custom Papers.

Sure, have a seat!

How long have you been doing computer research and writing essays and college papers?

I started at the age of 18 when I finished High School. I was living with my parents and had to get a full-time job in order to pay rent. I started at this Company where I was a receptionist, then I advanced after just three (3) months. At that time I could receive more responsibility. I was answering approximately 3,000 calls per day, working with six (6) salesmen. I also did a weekly payroll for over 100 employees. During that time I realized I could do more with all of this knowledge I was about to learn and I ran with it. I started doing odd jobs like database management and I typed approximately 75 wpm so I thought I could make a career out of this by helping people write essays and custom term papers and do other college assignments from my home.

Why are you not working for yourself?

Because being a contractor or an outsource I can receive more work and aquire knowledge working with college students who request projects in ALL areas. I find it so exciting to receive an e-mail stating what the client is looking for. I will bend over backwards to get this assignment perfect. That is how I look at every assignment.

Which assignments are you most excited to receive? (this is a 2 part question)

(1) I never get the chance to go to a very good college. I started thinking about going back one time or another but I never did. I am a mother of three and would like to be home to raise my children. I find it exciting to almost pretend I am in the class remembering what the teacher looked like, male or female, was it a big classroom and things like that. I know it might sound silly but I really feel that when I get an assignment I would treat this assignment like it was mine and had my name on it. I want the client to have the best written college paper I can possibly write each and every time.

(2) The assignments I like to receive are on philosophy, anything that would involve research and finding something out that I have not really been introduced to. I love law and I think that would have been something I would like to challenge myself to get more educated on. I do not really have a favorite subject, but I like to write on anything that makes me have to work hard so that I know that I have accomplished something great for someone else to be proud of.

Ok, this is the final question. We know you'd love to work for Custom Papers... Do you think you would enjoy working for CustomPapers on a contract basis?

Oh my gosh yes yes yes!!! I have been conversing with two women there and I am fairly new and they are walking me through everything. There have been a few bumps in the road along the way, but everyone is so nice to me and like I said they have made sure I understand everything so that I do not feel like I have failed my assigned client. I have only bid for 2 assignments so far, but that was the summer and we are now heading into a busy season so I hope I could gain more experience working with Custom Papers.

Thank you Kelly and good luck with the rest of your assignments!

Thank you so much for thinking of me I had a GREAT time.

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