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Research Writer Interview With Lilian

Doing Research at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Having read your announcement about requirement of new writers I was very glad because working for United Kingdom based company is a real pleasure, I suppose. I am a writer from Ukraine and I am not a native-speaker, thus first I was disappointed with this fact. However, trying the client’s form I learnt that English as a second language level of writing is also possible in your company. I was very glad to learn this fact and I decided to try my luck and become a member of your team.

First of all, I’d like to tell about myself. Early in my childhood I noticed to be rather distinct from my coevals. While they were playing games in the yard, I read books and enjoyed creating tables, diagrams and other things that could help me in systematizing my knowledge. I preferred talking to adults about things I did not understand and got an inerasable feeling when getting with the old problem and touching the new mystery. I enjoyed exploring the world around me and even carried out some control-based experiments. Of course, they were childlike; however, the general approach was rather scientific. Later, I enjoyed natural sciences at school and received the best marks in the fields of biology, physics and chemistry. The most amazing science was biology. It required synthesis of knowledge from different subjects and it gave me interesting information about the world around me. I decided to be a scientist and work in the field of biology. I also attended English courses because I understood that English is the language of science nowadays and I would not be a good scientist without it.

As a result, I entered the biology faculty of the best university in my country - Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Here I learned much about the world around me. My university did not just educate me and make me a parrot repeating some material which had previously been learned. My university taught me thinking logically, finding answers for the hardest questions and finding any information by myself. Thus, I learned not just separate facts, but I learned how to learn. And I am very grateful to my professors for it. Now I am attending the second year of master’s program and I feel rather competent in all the fields of biology as well as I am competent in medical problems.

All these facts make me an excellent academic writer. I am competent in biology and medicine. I can write essays and other academic works in nursing as well as I can perform statistical analysis of data. I am accurate and confident, thus I can guarantee the best quality of works for my client. As a matter of fact, I have already being working as an academic research writer and I have got used to receiving the best feedbacks from my clients and proofreaders. I always follow client’s instructions and I am ready to revise the work if I haven’t initially met the requirements. I am also ready to answer all the client’s questions and explain some things he does not understand. I am familiar with the requirements of different citation styles and always follow them in my work. I belong to a group of top writers in the companies I am working for now and I hope to become so in your company.

In addition, I would like to say that I’m working in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics. I perform scientific researches there and thus, have my own experience of laboratory work. Thus, laboratory assignments that may appear to be a problem for other writers are not really a problem for me. I am glad to perform such kind of work and I can guarantee to use peer-reviewed articles for the reference list. I am used to read much on the topic of the assignment in order to cover the problem completely and allow my client to get the best mark.

To make a conclusion, biology is really my hobby as well as writing. I enjoy learning new information, improving my knowledge in different fields and helping people with their educational problems. Together with my accuracy and intelligence these features make me an excellent research writer for your company.

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