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English Creative Writing

Good Morning, Liz. How long have you been a custom essay and term paper writer?

I have only been seriously writing on a full time basis for the past five years, although I have been writing on a part time basis for more than 20 years. I completed my journalism degree in 1986, and spent the next 10 years writing articles for various publications on parenting and relationship topics. During this time I had also completed by Business Communications and Psychology degrees. I guess you can say I am an eternal student, and really enjoy learning about new topics, which is why I decided to write in the first place.

Why did you decide to write non-fiction? Didn't you ever want to write a novel or creative piece?

I think if it hadn't been for certain circumstances in my life, I would have probably ended up as a teacher. I really enjoy explaining things in a way that people can understand and this is why I chose non-fiction as the best genre for me. What I strive to do is convert dry facts into an interesting paper that will actively encourage others to read it, and learn from it. For example if I have a thesis assignment, which as you know is a long document, I try and ensure the reader will follow the logic in my ideas, and remain interested enough in the topic to finish reading to the end. As I have written on subjects as diverse as the "Evolution of the Eye," and "Interpersonal communication skills for teachers," not to mention a host of religious, economic, statistical, sociological and psychological papers, I see my ability to make the paper readable, logical and meaningful, an important skill in custom academic writing.

What made you take up custom academic writing?

I was thrilled when I found out I could write about so many diverse subjects and get paid for it. I came across an advert on a writing forum about 3 years ago - I was looking for markets for articles topics I was interested in - and I applied, it was that simple. Initially I was a little concerned that maybe my clientele would not like the papers I had written for them, but I soon got over that when I decided to just write each assignment as if it were my own term paper, or assignment, and custom wrote accordingly. One particular form of paper I really enjoy is when I can help clients with their college application and personal statement type essays. This differs from custom writing in that you are actually relating a person's own experience, and the communications I have had with my clients while completing this work has helped me understand more fully the diverse range of student's needs that can be helped with a service like Custom Papers.

Do you have an ethical problem with student's using a service like Custom Papers?

Personally I do not think there is an ethical problem with using a service like Custom Papers. When students use a service like this to buy a custom research paper or even short essay, it is not because they are not capable of completing the work themselves. Many students know what is required in their assignment criteria, but are just not able to express it efficiently within the word count set by their tutors. Our custom papers provide the students with a clear example of how a paper should be laid-out, how it should be referenced and what types of information need to be contained within the essay. The students can then use this example a study guide for their own work, and I really enjoy the positive feedback I have had from doing this type of work for these clients.

What other skills do you bring to your academic writing career?

Not only do I enjoy writing legible, logical and interesting papers and essays on just about any subject on the planet, I also enjoy responding to clients concerns and questions. As you know this site encourages you as a customer to liaise with the writer from the moment the order is accepted. I think it is a really good idea to maintain contact with your writer, and personally I enjoy the email interaction I have with my client. For some clients their experience with Custom Papers maybe the first time they have used a service like this one, and they get understandably worried about if their paper is going to be on time, or if the writer is going to cover all the points they have realized they should have included with the original order requirements. Encouraging this interaction between client and writer means that the client gets exactly the custom paper he is looking for whether it be for a dissertation project, a term paper, or an academic assignment, and the writer has all the details needed to complete the assignment in a timely fashion. As deadlines are important to me as an academic contract writer, this ability to liaise with clients in a friendly and helpful manner is a vital skill in being a good graduate research writer.

Thank you for your time. Keep up good work and positive attitude!

You are always welcome. :)

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