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Research Writer Interview With Madelaine

Writing For Custom Papers Is A Positive Experience

Hi Madelaine. Of course all will go well. You are talking to Custom Papers ;-)

Hi CustomPapers. I have been looking forward to this interview.

Before we begin, I have a question: What is your stance on plagiarism? This is a question that comes up alot in this industry and I have my own perspective on things.

In my opinion, plagiarism occurs way too frequently when it should never happen at all. I never plagiarize and make it a point to refrain from jeopardizing my client's education. has a good reputation for rejecting plagiarism. CustomPapers has zero tolerance for plagiarism and that is something that I can stand by.

You said it right. Plagiarism is never acceptable and our company makes this clear to all of its writers before they sign up for an account. We hand pick our writers to prevent plagiarism. We make sure that they understand our policy of plagiarism free papers. Our writers are smart enough to write the papers from scratch and are wise enough to know the pitfalls of plagiarism.

I definitiely follow CustomPapers policy and all of my papers are original work. Clients can be confident that the papers they receive from me are not plagiarized and can be sure that they are safe from copies.

Another reason why CustomPapers is against plagiarism is because the quality of our papers suffer. Our writers produce papers of the highest quality and keep their standards high.

Speaking personally, papers written by other companies with low standards are so poorly written and obviously plagiarized that they will only frustrate and disappoint the client. Not to say that the client risks his or her education.

CustomPapers agrees 100%. Papers written by companies that tolerate plagiarism are a waste of time and money. Unfortunately, many companies copy from other papers, sell pre-written papers and write papers that have been sold to someone else. None of which benefits the client in any way.

It took me a while to decide whether I should get a writing contract with the CustomPapers' academic writing team but their policy on plagiarism decided it. I consider myself to be an ethical person and I take my work seriously. Qality matters, good service matters, good judgment matters.

I think that we've covered plagiarism. Now let me ask you a question. What makes your papers quality ones?

I have a system down ;-). I believe that its my job to provide quality papers to my clients. That is one part of my motivation and the other part is because I am motivated to write well. After many years of education, the motivation comes naturally. It's a mix of skill and having high expectations for yourself. Without a doubt each time I write a paper I do my best to write a paper that meets if not exceeds the client's needs.

How do you like working with CustomPapers?

It's been a positive experience and I enjoy working for a company that treats it clients and contracted freelance writers well. I have worked for other paper writing companies and have literally been shocked by their approach to writing papers. With some companies everything but the kitchen skin is okay. Clients can be assured that they are receiving the highest quality paper that is plagiarism free from CustomPapers.

What is the biggest concern that clients should have when ordering papers from

I think they should consider time limits. I, like other independent freelance writers at CustomPapers, have the ability to write a paper in a short amount of time. That said, having a little cushion helps too. Clients can be confident that their order will be taken care of with deadlines in mind. Another thing to be mindful of is to always alert their writer with the requirements of their papers. They should also let their writer know of any changes in the paper in a timely way. The sooner we know the better. Of course I think that all writers have experienced the last minute alteration or something that the client has forgotten to mention. Some are more apt to deal with these kinds of problems and every writer deals with it in his or her own way. But to be sure your paper will get done. Keep your writer aware.

It looks like you had a lot to say about plagiarism! Is there any thing else that you would like to say?

From writer to client all that I want to say is to choose You won't ever have to worry about plagiarism!

Nice talking to you Madelaine!

Same to you Custom Papers!

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