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Research Writer Interview With Marsha

Criminal And Justice Research

Hi Marsha. Why do you want to do research and academic writing?

As geeky as it may seem, I love learning and I have an intense curiosity about the world we live in. Providing academic writing service and the research it entails gives me the opportunity to learn more about all kinds of fascinating topics, such as everything from the Mayan calendar to financial analyses of beverage companies to fraud and other crime. But, that's just some of the things that comes to mind right now. Writing about these things is a way to really learn about them because it tests just how much I really understand the issue.

What is your educational research background?

I have an undergraduate degree in Accounting, which I completed in 1997 at West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Then, I decided to broaden my knowledge by going back to school in 2001, earning a Master of Science in Organization and Management in 2003 from Capella University. In 2005, I decided to pursue an M.B.A with a concentration in Forensic Accounting, which I completed in 2006 with Davenport University. I am currently preparing for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam along with returning to the classroom once again, beginning work on a Master's degree in Criminal Justice and enrolling with Capella University once again.

Is writing the only work that you do and have done recently?

Right now, writing is the only work that I am doing. I was laid off earlier this year from a C.P.A firm. I have worked as an academic writer in the past, however. After years of working in accounting positions, I decided to do what I need to so that I can change my career direction to pursue only forensic accounting and fraud examination work. However, I have also decided to keep working as a ghost writer. My goal now is to have my own forensic accounting/fraud examination practice, allowing me the freedom to schedule writing time as well. I recently began work on a nonfiction book and I already have an idea for another one after that!

What are your qualifications to do writing when it looks like all of your background is in business?

My two graduate degrees required a lot of writing as part of class discussion in addition to the usual essays, term papers, and projects that are typically assigned. In addition, I have done academic writing work in the past. I am also an avid reader with a strong inquisitiveness about many things. As a result, that passion inspires me to be creative and academic writing is a great outlet to do that. I think that being an active reader over many years provides a solid base where writing is a natural branch from that. If you look at what many well-known writers say as their advice for novice authors, one of the most common pieces of that guidance is to read everything and anything. Doing so will expose the would-be writer to good and less than perfect examples of work which helps to shape the writer's mind to create better work. Since I try to average reading at least a book a week, I feel I get enough exposure to different styles of writing, in addition to the myriad subjects, that my writing is strengthened.

How do you make sure you'll meet deadlines as well as not plagiarize?

Not meeting a deadline is not an option for me. Writing is important to me because I know I am providing a valuable service. Therefore, quality is my chief concern and getting the work done before deadline is an important element of top quality to me. I plan my time as I would any other work day when it comes to completing writing projects. I allow plenty of time to do the necessary research because that is the foundation to great academic writing (including legal writing). I don't take projects I cannot complete by the specified due date. Avoiding plagiarism is another essential factor in quality academic writing. If I ever have any doubt at all that I may be unintentionally plagiarizing, I will cite the source. I have worked hard to develop my writing abilities so that plagiarism is not an issue or worry.

What are other things you like to do besides reading and writing?

Do you mean there are other things to do for fun? I'm just kidding. I'm not really into video games, but I would like to try Guitar Hero because I do play music every once in a while. I play a little bit of guitar, although I can't do much beyond just chords. And, I play keyboard/piano, which I can do only slightly more on than what I can on the guitar. I actually used to be in a rock band. As you can tell, we didn't get rich and famous from it, though.

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