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Research Writer Interview With Maxine

The Gift Of Writing

Tell us something about yourself.

Well, I've been a self-employed academic writer for over ten years and have written for several companies on a part-time basis. I've written a wide variety of research papers, thesis, dissertations and personal statements for various clients within the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. I generally enjoy writing papers on unfamiliar subjects because it represents an opportunity for me to learn new information. I am truly a life-long learner with a proclivity for writing. Writing is something I enjoy and am able to do it with great ease. One of the most challenging projects I've worked on was a hundred and fifty page dissertation on the importance of aesthetics in purchasing consumer electronic equipment. This project was particularly challenging because consumer marketing was an unfamiliar subject-one in which I had to acquire basic as well as advanced knowledge in the course of completing this project. This project took thirty days to complete and upon completion I realized that it was the most rewarding experience in that it taught me a great deal about myself. I learned that I am truly a gifted writer and can rise to the challenge of any writing assignment.

What is your educational background?

I have spent a significant amount of time in colleges and universities. I have four academic degrees and am pursuing my fifth. I have both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in psychology and computer science and am pursuing a PhD in psychology. I completed all of my degrees with honors and as such I have become extremely proficient in writing utilizing several formats. I have taken only the requisite writing courses but I realized early in my academic career that I had a very rare gift-the gift of writing. This gift has enabled me to excel in both my personal and professional life and I feel truly blessed to have it.

What makes you unique as a writer?

One of my most unique characteristics is my ability and propensity to view situations from varying vantage points. I am able to empathize with many individuals and to articulate what they feel. This is especially important when writing personal profiles, poetry, college entrance essays and speech writing. Essentially, I am able to express the notions of many individuals who lack the proclivity for writing but do have a need for written self-expression.

Why did you choose to become an academic writer?

My choice to become an academic writer was one that was driven by necessity. At the time I chose this career path, I was a full-time student and the mother of two young children. Being a mother and a full-time student was very challenging in that I had to provide for my children as well as attend to my educational needs. In so doing, I realized that writing was something I can do from the comfort of my home. This afforded me that opportunity to spend quality time with my children, excel in school and become a better-rounded individual. Furthermore, it allows me to be in a unique position to assist individuals in need. I feel that I have the gift of writing and it should be shared with others.

What (in your opinion) makes an excellent academic writer?

I feel that the most important element of academic writing is the ability to conduct research and to be able to articulate the findings of your research. This ability involves the utility of many sources such as traditional print media, databases and the Internet. In conducting research one has to be cognizant of the sources of information. Some sources are reliable and reputable while others are unreliable. In conducting my research I attempt to obtain information from peer-reviewed articles as well as books and will rely less on the internet. This assures that the information obtained is accurate. Additionally, I always adhere to the specifications of the client. This assures that the client gets a product he/she can be proud of. Furthermore, I feel that an excellent academic writer is one who is responsive to his/her clients. This is done by open communication with the client. This communication often involves the rapid response to client inquiries and frequent progress reports. Finally, I feel that an excellent academic writer is one who always meets his/her client deadlines.

Well Maxine, we've spoken in great detail about academic writing. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

Thanks for asking. I do have several hobbies but my most favorite hobbies are crocheting, knitting and sewing. I find these activities extremely soothing and I am able to provide my family, friends and relatives with thoughtful gifts they treasure. One of the most treasures gifts I've ever given was a full-sized crochet blanket. I gave it to my grandmother who taught me to crochet and she treasured it until her death.

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