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Research Writer Interview With Merritt

English Literature And Creative Writing

Good evening, want to tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I have my B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing as well as a minor in History. Currently, I am working on several different writing projects on my own and trying my hardest to stay out of the real world and keep in the academic world. It's scary out there man!

How long have you been interested in writing?

Ever since I can remember. I have always possessed a very vivid imagination, but I lacked heavily in the drawing/painting/sculpting department (I once drew an anatomically incorrect, six legged spider that hung in a grocery store for over two months -- thus signaled the end of an artist's career). There is nothing in the world that I can think of that I love more than writing. In school, writing research papers became my forte and I have not looked back since. All of my friends that wanted help with their papers always knew that I would be the most willing to help with organization, proofreading, and editing.

A lot of people believe that this sort of practice creates a bad work ethic amongst students. How do you respond to that?

I think that everyone needs a break sometime in their academic career and I want to be there to help someone whenever they find themselves in over their head. When essay tests are piling up along with group presentations, extracurricular activities, and attempting to have some sort of a life, that philosophy paper can slide down a few notches on the priority list. But these days, school is based only on the grade that gets printed on a piece of paper at the end of a semester, nothing else. If a student gets a poor grade on one test or one paper, they have to play catch up for the rest of the semester. In the end, a student's grade can be lowered from an A just because of one lone assignment.

So how do you propose to change that situation?

Obviously, I cannot change the academic grading system by myself -- although I would if I could. Instead, I want to be available at all times to help as many students as I can be able to stay on top of all of their work and help them towards their ultimate goal.

But isn't this some sort of plagiarism?

Are you a cop or something? I thought this was an interview not an interrogation. I wouldn't have worn a gray t-shirt if I know I was going to sweat this much. Sheesh. You know, you have to tell me if you're a cop or it's entrapment!!

In all honesty though, it is not plagiarism for more than one reason. Well, there is one main reason: it is completely original work. Also, the papers will be educational examples for everyone who ever has some sort of a question about how to approach a situation. Everybody at one point in their life has looked at some sort of example and said to themselves, "Oh! So that's how you can answer that sort of question!"

What kind of papers do you feel you are comfortable in writing?

Everything under the sun, to be completely honest. See, I'm more at home in a dusty corner of the library that sitting on my own couch watching Family Guy -- uh, I mean, The Learning Channel and the evening news. I am probably the most talented in history, English literature, creative writing projects, philosophy, and other humanity papers, but I am a quick learner and can quickly pick up any subject.

Do I scare you?

Was it the shaking, the sweating, or the polygraph needle jumping all over the paper? Can I take these finger clips off yet or what? They're kind of cramping my style.

Fine, you're off the hot seat.

Whew! So, uh, shot in the dark here -- you want to go get some food?

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