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Research Writer Interview With Miles

Writing Perspective from a Legal Standpoint

I was born in Malaysia, and ever since I can remember, I have been writing all my life. As a teenager, I had dreams of becoming a philosophical writer. As I grew older, I became obsessed with the idea of self-actualization, and dabbled in psychology while I was in college. Eventually, in university, I turned towards studying law in order to correct the seeming injustices of the world.

Discovering that my home country carries strict restrictions and punishments against any expressions of criticism (no matter how seemingly well-intentioned), I moved to the United Kingdom and eventually the Netherlands where I was able to study international law at the highest level. At 21, I was accepted to intern with the prestigious International Criminal Court, and the following year, I enrolled in Leiden University’s Advanced Masters in Public International Law under an academic scholarship. I had also lectured in my former university, and was involved in various political and legal issues in Malaysia. At present, I am the founding member for the Leiden University International Symposium on Democracy and currently work as an academic and legal researcher with various institutions in the Netherlands.

Working and studying in the Netherlands proved a blessing for me, as it allows for the provision of not just firsthand theoretical applications of public international law but also firsthand practical immersion into the system itself, with the myriad of courts and international organizations which avails the country.

Academic research writing particularly suits me because I have always been regarded as an excellent student who strives to work hard in all ways possible to achieve my objectives and passion. While in university, I have worked while studying for the purpose of paying my school fees as well as to fund my internship programs during term holidays, and despite that, still secured a second class upper degree for my Bachelors. I was ranked among the top 3 in the graduating class (which has no first class graduates), and I was also the youngest ever to graduate out of the university at the age of 19, after which I moved abroad to gain additional experiences in life.

Aside from English, I am fluent Malay, Dutch and Arabic. I am also currently working on mastering Spanish and French so that in the future I would be able to conduct my research and work in these languages. I am also particularly passionate in pool and snooker, both of which I play to high standards.

My personality is particularly suited to academic and research writing. I focus well under pressure, and rarely miss a deadline. This is due to the fact that I believe in preparation. As soon as a work is delegated to me, I would always ensure that all the needed information is provided. Next, I would take my time to look for important sources from various places (such as Google Scholar or Westlaw). After the basic preparation is done, I usually take my time in order to find a novel academic perspective for the paper. It is only then that I begin the writing process, leaving me plenty of time to proofread the paper before the final submission.

The fact that I am constantly connected on the internet also means that I am instantly contactable and almost always immediately available. As can be seen from my career choice, I am an avid believer in justice as well as honesty, and hence, would put my highest priority in the interests of your company as well as the client over any other pursuit of self-interest.

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