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Research Writer Interview With Moira

I Can Pass My Reading and Writing Passion onto Students

I love to write, I have a BA Hon.s Degree in English Literature and Social Anthropology so “reading and writing”, is my passion. I also teach creative writing at high school in Northern Ireland so that I can pass my passion onto other students and help them to realise their joy in writing, reading and researching.

I live in Northern Ireland, a country which is still very much learning from it’s past and looking to it’s future. I know only too well how important education is to lift oneself out of difficult circumstances. I also know the consequences of ignorance and bigotry and see on a daily basis how education and knowledge can open new worlds for people of all walks of life, young and old. Education brings hope and the more we learn, the more we know we need to learn. Learning can be fun if it’s made to be so by educators, but equally, it is a two way street, if we don’t want to make an effort to step outside our comfort zone and take a step towards learning about ourselves and our environs, then we put up our own barriers and live in fear instead. As a 42 year old who grew up in the eye of the storm of “The Troubles”, I know very well the consequences of barriers and a lack of educational opportunities which resulted in bigotry, fear and sectarian hatred between Catholics and Protestants, something, which is only now being slowly reversed by an integrated education system. It is with great hope that I watch young people today embark on new careers in education to learn not only about their chosen subject, but even more about themselves. As a teacher, I have the pleasure to witness on an annual basis, often unwilling and difficult students, emerge at the end of the year as more confident, less angry and more mature young people who have greater self esteem and a much improved ability to contribute to the future of Northern Ireland.

I spent four years working for Queen’s University in Belfast for the Institute of Criminology as a Research Associate which involved a huge amount of academic writing and proof reading. My usual referencing style is Harvard referencing, however I also have lots of experience of writing in APA or MLA style. I am flexible in both my referencing and writing style and love to work with students in helping them to write their papers in their own voice, and their own style. One of my strengths is my ability to bring a creative and unique voice to all my papers/articles be they magazine articles or academic papers. I just love to craft words and research varied subjects because I love to learn and writing about many different areas means that I am continuously learning. When I research a subject and have the opportunity to write about that subject it means that I am learning a new perspective on life whether that be modern day times, historic or futuristic.

Living in Ireland does not however mean that I am any less interested in international subjects and I follow world affairs and read history avidly. I am fascinated by other political systems, cultures and societies and love to travel. I’ve travelled extensively in Europe, the U.S., Mexico and Canada, and it is now my ambition to see as much of my own country as well as possibly travel to Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Getting paid to write and do something that I love, is an added bonus and working to deadline focuses my skills on honing my best research and writing for a purpose. If I wasn’t able to write I would definitely consider taking another degree, but I honestly feel that I’d prefer to dip into many different areas as I love to do projects which are varied because my interests are varied. I love current affairs, but equally, love history. I am passionate about sustainable development and love gardening. It is my firm belief that we learn from our past and we should know about our present and plan for our future. Therefore in every sense of the word I am most definitely a news junky, and devour all kinds of local and international news be they in print, television on or digital format. I love nothing better than knowing and having an opinion on world affairs. For me that is a vital part of who I am, I am hungry to know, and also love to pass on my knowledge to others. Maybe it’s because I’ve always admired the Renaissance artists like Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, whose greatness stems from their thirst for knowledge and ability to learn and educate themselves in every facet of life, art and culture.

I read everything I can and also have a huge interest in technology as I teach Information Communication Technology in my day job along with English Literature, Geography and History. My degree and academic background reflect my interests and love of all subjects. If I don’t know something I want to find out and understand. My chosen career as a teacher with 12 years experience has meant that I’ve had to develop skills of explaining difficult concepts to students who have difficulty understanding. I think these skills and interests are proof that I can use my skills to write for Custom Papers but also, proof that I am still willing to learn and will enjoy doing so for the benefit of clients who require model essays.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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