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Research Writer Interview With Molly

Deep Understanding of Science

Hi Molly. Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in freelance academic writing?

I have three passions: teaching, learning, and writing, and freelance academic writing seems to be a combination of the three. By writing model papers of a high standard, I can provide a guideline for students who are struggling to grasp the course requirements or haven’t been adequately prepared to write papers from scratch. This gives them a starting point from which to begin and a reference for how to organize a paper, allowing me to teach through my work. The task itself is engaging because it gives me the opportunity to expand my own competencies and knowledge base while improving my flexibility as a writer.

What subjects are you most comfortable writing about?

I have a research background in biological, behavioral, and chemical sciences, but I constantly seek to learn, so even tangentially related projects are an opportunity for improved knowledge.

How does research experience make you a better writer?

While coursework is vital to forming an academic foundation, researching compelled me to understand concepts even more thoroughly because of the anticipatory nature of a hypothesis. Rather than merely describing what already occurred in a text, I had to be able to predict what would or should occur. More importantly, it taught me how to obtain a deeper level of understanding: I became comfortable with comprehension of scientific literature, developed a working knowledge for how to identify reputable papers, and learned how to make cohesive connections between related concepts.

What is your approach when tasked with writing a paper?

I continue to use the general approach introduced to me from my earliest high school writing days, for it has proven to be a reliable one. I first write up a brief outline including a thesis statement, supporting main ideas with relevant references, and concluding remarks. I then flesh out this skeleton into a full essay, performing additional research if a particular topic seems under-supported. My focus is on maintaining a logical flow and ensuring that each point contributes to the theme of the paper.

What is your greatest strength and weakness as a writer?

My greatest strength is my ability to quickly pick out relevant points from literature: I am a fast reader, and zeroing in on the “critical” portion of a piece comes naturally to me. My weakness, however, also stems from the same tendency: often my first drafts are a little too concise and I must spend additional time on development.

Why does a freelancing job, and one at this agency in particular, appeal to you?

I have been searching for a part-time job to supplement my family’s income, and freelancing is a wonderful fit because of its flexibility. Rather than being assigned a set of hours, I have the freedom to work at times most fitting to my schedule. The intellectual challenge of academic writing is also immensely appealing; a writer is essentially being paid to learn. CustomPapers in particular is among the most reputable that I have researched – it truly appears to be the “real deal” in terms of ethics, performance, and standards.

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