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Research Writer Interview With Olivia

Well the time has come to get all those need to know questions answered about your favorite academic writer Olivia. In this installment of interview a writer we get an inside look at the when, why, and how Olivia started in the writing sphere.

Olivia tell me a little about who yourself?

I'm actually a grad student majoring in Accounting and I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of four years. When I'm not busy posting debits and credits for my accounting courses I write for various websites as an independent contractor.

Outside of writing what do you like to do in your spare time?

I like the outdoors, so majority of my activities will correlate with an outside activity such as hiking, biking, or swimming. I enjoy riding ATVs and can often spend countless hours driving down new trails with family and friends.

Do you mind elaborating on your educational background?

I went to Arizona State University and received a degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology. I was pre-law at one point but decided not to pursue the law school route as one of my classes directed my attention towards forensic accounting. Shortly after graduation I decided that I would head back to school one last time to obtain my Accounting degree.

What intrigues you about Accounting?

The fact that it can be easily applied to anything in our daily life just fascinates me. You can view it from a corporation stance but then you can also see it in your personal finances. It's not just about numbers and the bottom line of a ledger it's about decisions, detail, and obtaining constant accuracy to observe money. It's not for everyone, but at some point everyone has or will have some form of appreciation for the discipline.

What experience do you have writing?

A good portion of writing has been in my college career there have been countless term papers and detailed essays which I have had to compile for my courses. Recently, I have started writing for a couple of different websites with the hope of eventually landing a freelance position to offset some of my schooling costs.

Can you tell us about any relevant coursework you have taken that would relate to the position?

I have taken a research methods course which helped mold my research skills and allowed me to learn tactics for digging up information. The capstone of the course was my instructor assigning a topic that did not have a lot of information readily available which is where my newly learned research skills would need to come in. I have also taken a written communication for mangers course that entailed learning how to write in a proper tone and applying a professional demeanor. There are many other courses but those are the ones that stand out the most along with my current accounting classes.

What makes you a good model research writer?

I have a lot of experience in researching terms papers and compiling a quality piece. I have received many compliments from my professors about the quality of my writing. I have taken classes that have helped me hone my writing skills and have held a position with a public records company that crafted my investigation skills.

Why should you be hired for the position as opposed to another writer?

I feel as though I have a wide variety of skills that would fit in perfectly with the company. I not only have a solid academic foundation but I have extensive research abilities.

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