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Juris Doctor with Talent for Example Academic Writing

I'm a lawyer by training, but training isn't everything. My interests vary from legal work to academia to wedding planning to marriage counseling. I always enjoyed “paper classes” in both law school and undergraduate because it gave me the opportunity to do more than regurgitate whatever our professor taught us. Writing allowed me to analyze and discuss topics that had meaning and to think outside of the box when it comes to problem solving. I always tended to do better with essays and papers even in my bar exam probably for that reason alone. Writing and being able to discuss a subject is a good way to clarify your own understanding of a topic as well as share your knowledge on that topic. I know that many students struggle with paper writing because my own friends have approached me for help starting from my freshman year of college. I'm blessed to have an innate talent for writing that I love to share with those around me because anything I can do to help someone in the confusing world of academic success is a good thing in my eyes.

I went to George Washington University for undergraduate studies and completed my BA in Political Science. Within that major I took the core political science classes (US government, political theory, comparative politics, international relations, etc.) as well as many classes focused in international relations, diplomacy, and world history. My strong interest in liberal arts and reading helped me in school and when I'm helping a friend with their papers. I enjoy reading about those subjects because it keeps me up to date in the area. Learning is an eternal process, and researching and reading to write papers is a great way for me to continue learning about subjects that have always interested me.

I attended American University Washington College of Law for law school and graduated with my Juris Doctorate in May 2013. I passed the July 2013 New York Bar exam and am currently preparing to take the winter 2014 Virginia bar exam. I completed all of the core legal education courses including legal research and writing as well as many other classes ranging from family law to asylum to trial advocacy. Writing briefs and motions is part of daily life for a lawyer so I am well versed in legal research and writing from school and my internships as well as my current clerkship. The law is all about how to apply law to various situations, which have varying facts. It is a kind of experience that only comes with time and practice which all of my legal research, analysis, and writing has given me.

I have been researching and writing model papers since my first year of college back in 2006. The years of time and effort that went into those papers have given me more than just grades. They have given me skill, which is more valuable than any grade. I have the skills to effectively and efficiently research, process, and analyze information. I have the skills to then turn that information into a paper whether it be informative, persuasive, or comparative. I can effectively learn about a new topic in many different fields from reading and then turn that learning into a product that expresses that knowledge to someone else. Those are skills that I know can come only from time and practice, which I have been fortunate enough to have. I now wish to use those skills to help students who are struggling in their own academic careers.

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