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Research Writer Interview With Percy

No Paperwork And Academic Bureaucracy

Hello Percy! Why have you decided to become a custom research and essay writer?

To me writing custom papers is one of such areas through which anyone can express themselves without interruptions usually common in two-way conversations. A writer needs space to think and to transform his thoughts into a written word. Writing is perhaps the best way to achieve more knowledge because a writer generally reflects the world around them.

Many people, including students, claim writing is a lonely and boring work. Do you share such sentiments?

Writing as I see it is not really a lonely occupation. When people say that writing is a lonely occupation they are merely referring to the process of writing because a writer needs a quiet environment to be able to think and get his ideas in writing. But writing as an occupation is not boring to me at all! It involves significant amount of research and often writers are very absorbed in the writing and researching process.

What types of custom essay writing and researching do you do?

As a published author, I have written on mostly non-fiction genres. All my four published books have been in the realm of non-fiction. However, I am also working on my fifth book in fiction. I have always believed in positivism and that a writer can always approach their writing not only with positive attitudes, but also with the notion that everything is possible.

What other types of academic writing have you done?

In the past two years I have been increasingly drawn to academic essay writing. Some consider such work more difficult and challenging. That may be so, but I have found that in life nothing comes on a silver platter. Academic essay writing may be more challenging because it involves systematic examination and analysis of situations and events using an academically acceptable format. Academic writing requires substantiation in the sense that if the writer provides data and quotes then one must credit the sources of such information. Academic writing requires advanced researching skills and superior knowledge. I have found academic writing more fulfilling because such process enables the writer to delve into other areas, acquiring new knowledge in the process. It is nonetheless a serious and hard work.

Can you describe what a typical academic writing in a Social Science topic entails?

Generally, any academic writing project involves a question to examine. For instance, my last assignment was to "Examine the contributions of Asian American emigrants to the development of American capitalism". In such straight forward assignments the writer may develop a hypothesis that "Asian Americans have contributed significantly towards the development of American Capitalism" which should then be supported by the facts taken from a number of legitimate sources. Such papers require a specific format and structure: introduction, the body of the paper to be followed by recommendations and conclusions. Everything in the body of the paper, sometimes called the analysis, will directly support the drawn hypothesis of the essay. All quotes and sources used in the custom written term paper or research paper must be included in the footnotes or bibliography at the end of the essay.

Where can one find work in the Academic Writing arena?

Many of the companies offering such work are listed on the internet. Through a search engine inquiry one can find some of these companies. Most of the assignments come directly from students; such work offered to students serve as a guide in completing their own work. Students must not turn in such work as it is because it will be classified as plagiarism which is regarded as a serious crime within the academic community.

Thank you for your honest and knowledgeable answers.

You are very welcome.

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