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Research Writer Interview With Saha

Computers And IT Studies

Could you please describe your approach to writing?

I strongly believe in a strong work ethic, and this belief shapes my entire outlook towards completing tasks efficiently and well. Over the years that I have worked as a researcher and academic writer, I have perfected my skills with great care, setting new benchmarks for myself as I feel it improves my abilities and hones my talent.

Why has it been so important to you to develop strong writing skills?

While perfecting my skills over the years, I have paid a great deal of attention to developing my own particular style of writing, which has been greatly appreciated by my many satisfied customers. A large number of customers have returned for additional orders, and it gives me great personal satisfaction to know that I can assist someone well enough that my services become so appreciated. I make use of numerous resources, both electronic and print, and I am fully capable of researching a particularly elusive subject without relying too much on just one or two resources. These skills are valuable to my clients and, therefore, to me as well.

How do you manage to avoid even the suggestion of plagiarism?

Relying on my own, unique writing style and a strong ability to paraphrase information while properly citing it, I have been able to navigate around the easy trap of plagiarism. In this age of "Googling" and other research-related mishaps, professional writers like myself must tread carefully and strive to avoid ever compromising our work ethic and our unique "voices" as writers. I employ a rigorous yet streamlined process of gathering preliminary research data, mining resources for information, outlining and organizing the raw data into a unique argument, and then writing the paper - it becomes almost a science, with practice.

What are your major influences and resources?

I am an avid reader, regularly scanning trade journals and blogs concerning IT, global business and the legal profession. Sites such as Gizmodo, Findlaw, etc. are some of the resources that I find to be extremely interesting. In addition to these, I have regular subscriptions to Forbes, Newsweek and Time and these, I find, have helped me enormously as good places to begin to gather current information. I am also an avid reader of books in diverse genres, from business to biography to horror fiction. Finally, I am an amateur filmmaker and have been experimenting with new styles, heavily influenced by Italian avant-garde and South American new-wave cinema.

What are your qualifications and motivations for writing?

I have a bachelor's degree in computer information systems and a UK university degree in computer studies. I have always been interested in the dynamics and practicality of IT, while having an additional academic interest in English literature. With about five years of professional academic writing under my belt, I feel confident in my capabilities as a writer and researcher. I am well qualified to write in the academic styles of both the United States and the United Kingdom. Moreover, I thoroughly enjoy the writing process as it enriches my own personal knowledge and learning. All in all, I find professional writing an enriching and satisfying way to earn a living.

What topics do you most enjoy, as a writer?

My main areas of interest include: world affairs, political science, information technology, business management, literature and literary criticism, film studies, music, biology, bioinformatics, and biomedicine. Being a voracious reader, I honestly enjoy writing about almost any topic under the sun, but I am most well versed in the topics I just listed.

In particular, I am a very strong proponent of information technology and its potential to change our lives in profound ways. From the miracles of bioinformatics to the latest filmmaking techniques, communication, data-mining, and the very ways in which we conduct business are acutely shaped by information technology. The 2000 dotcom crash was an unfortunate event that left many people skeptical of the IT industry, but I feel that it was a necessary teething problem that has only made the industry stronger in the decade since. If used correctly, the opportunities that IT offers us are boundless. It is for this reason that I passionately enjoy researching and writing about technology topics.

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