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Research Writer Interview With Sebastian

I Like Constructive Criticism

How did you first become interested in becoming a professional writer?

I learned to totally enjoy the academic process, whether concerning a course grade or in discussing a variety of topics with others. Writing of model essays is a continuation of this focus on sharing ideas. I enjoy the mechanics involved in writing effective papers from which other people may benefit.

What is significant to you about writing for Internet companies?

Internet companies are important because they allow me basically to control my own destiny as a writer. In other words, I feel that rewards will come in proportion to my willingness to work hard. Online companies have great access to customers; these, in turn, become the source of my own success as I work hard toward having a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

What are your credentials as a writer?

When I was in graduate school, my favorite professor was the one who offered constructive criticism the most. He rarely complimented anything I wrote, opting instead to bring out the need for more clarity. I studied his email comments rigorously, making them applicable to whatever I was writing at the time. My ability as a writer improved in this way. I made use of his commentary, and I found that my self-confidence developed as well. I began to be willing to tackle larger assignments, knowing that my patience and hard work would be rewarded. University experiences are an obvious training ground for the prospect of having a professional writing career.

What is your favorite subject to write about?

I have a great interest in cultural history, especially as it relates to what may be called "human nature." For example, greed is seen to have been present in the ancient Romans. Greed is still seen to be present today. It is a factor in human self-awareness, although controlled and defined by changing historical circumstances. While the presence of greed may have been tolerated in a Roman emperor, therefore, it is not tolerated in a modern United States president. In sum, it is necessary to compare and contrast an aspect of the human race within the context in which it is acted out. Social actors rely on the context of their circumstances to define the appropriateness of their behavior.

Do you have any other favorites?

I graduated recently with a Masters degree in Applied Sociology, and I therefore have an interest in human interaction. The social and behavioral sciences are particularly appealing to me. However, I can see the relevance of other topics, similar in nature to this same study which involves people and the world in which they live. Humanities, Literature, Politics, History, among others, are certainly relevant to this general emphasis on Sociology.

What are your thoughts on plagiarism?

Plagiarism is for people who don't realize the high cost of it, both to themselves and others. How could I, for example, possibly feel proud of any writing accomplishment for which I knew I was not really responsible? In general, honesty and hard work are synonymous when a professional writing career is involved.

What is the specific process you use when meeting deadlines?

To begin, I wake up early and realize I am a professional who desires to meet deadlines. I read the criteria of the present assignment and make an outline of how to best address this. I look for Internet and book sources, referencing them in the correct format even as I am writing the paper. When this is done I proofread extensively, making sure that my writing on the subject is clear and concise. After turning in this assignment, I look for another one and begin the process again.

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