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Research Writer Interview With Sheng

Engineering Studies And Distinguished Writing

Hi Sheng, please tell us something about your background, experience and accomplishments as a writer.

Hi! I am Sheng, 25 years old, part time writer and engineering student. I also work as a freelance magazine writer here in Canada, with about 20 articles published in the Sense&Style magazine, a monthly lifestyle publication. Aside from these, I have had training on technical and academic writing in our university, making articles on various subjects including those outside my field of specialization, which is Surveying or Geodetic Engineering.

What is your main motivation in having academic writing as part of your career?

Ever since I was a kid, I've always kept record of my day-to-day events through a journal. Now, I have an entire collection of journals, chronicling different aspects of my life as it unfolded. Writing is a passion I have had ever since I have learned to use pen and paper to weave words and express my innermost thoughts. As I matured in my writing and received more training, as editor in chief of our high school paper and eventually as a freelance writer, I learned to broaden my writing skills from mere journaling to academic writing. Regardless of form, I find myself passionate for writing.

What are your views on academic writing and from your experience, how does it differ from other writing styles?

Based from my experience, academic writing is much more tedious than other forms. It will require you to be able to express thoughts without bias, and make clear stands on topics being discussed, be it in the form of a critique paper, a commentary or a term paper. It also requires proper citation, depending on the project specifications. Ultimately, academic writing, to me, is the most distinguished and sophisticated form of writing which truly suits the academe which serves to edify it.

What are your views on plagiarism?

Plagiarism is punishable by law for good reason. It is stealing of another person's thoughts by consciously or subconsciously failing to cite properly borrowed thoughts to support one's own argument. Although many students sometimes get prone to committing this, an excellently-done academic paper should be free from that error.

What are the academic styles or citation forms in writing that you are most familiar with?

The citation styles that I am most familiar with are Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA) and Turabian.

What are the topics you are willing to make for CustomPapers and why?

Since I am an engineering student, I would be mostly willing to write papers regarding surveying technology such as remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System. I also have a natural interest in topics involving French language and culture, feminism, and feministic literature. I can also write about topics in the genre of self-help, fashion, and fashion areas.

How many pages are you willing to make in each week?

I can guarantee a 5-page paper on a week's deadline. Since I am using broadband, I can work long hours. I am online at night since I have a full schedule during the day as a student. I can also do research in our university library during the day.

Where did you learn about

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Thank you for your time, Sheng, and good luck!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work with your essay writing team!

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