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Research Writer Interview With Todd

Doctorate in Psychology

Can you assist clients with their paper work?

Yes. I attended college for nine years and completed 186 undergraduate quarter hours with a 3.7 grade point average. I also completed 252 graduate quarter hours with a grade point average of 3.8 and earned a doctorate in psychology. This education allowed me to gain skills for completing a variety of paper work.

Can you help clients with more than one paper within the same topic area?

Yes. It is actually easier to complete more than one paper for the same topic. After the first paper, subsequent work is easier due to knowledge of the client's particular wishes.

Do you do PowerPoint presentations?

I know how to do PowerPoint presentations and have done several. However, this is not my specialty.

Do you believe clients will be satisfied with the work you are helping them with?

Absolutely. I will treat the client's work as if it were my own. My grade point averages from undergraduate and graduate school reflect the high quality of work I do. Also, I now possess a wealth of knowledge and experience which I did not have in college. This provides a resource for better papers.

How do you handle revisions?

Revisions are an expected part of helping others with their papers. Many clients have an idea of what they want the paper to be like but are unable to fully communicate this prior to the first draft. Also, there are specific issues they may want addressed which are not expressed to the writer. Satisfied customers are often not those who receive an absolutely perfect paper on the first draft, but those who have a good experience with the revision process.

Are you willing to revise other people's work?

Yes. Proofreading, editing and rewriting are all parts of assisting clients which I enjoy. In fact, I began assisting other people with their papers while I was still in graduate school. This usually consisted of proofreading or editing the Master's theses and doctoral dissertations of others at the university.

You are from the United States. Can you write papers using British English?

I do not have a great deal of experience writing papers with British English. However, the differences between the two languages are not great. By using references such as that provided at /American-and-British-English-differences, I should be able to produce high quality papers with British English.

Can you assist clients who have an urgent timeline?

Yes. This can be accomplished in several ways. I allow a portion of each day for writing and I am careful to leave enough time for unexpected papers. Also, I have a great deal of experience doing research for papers and providing this in a bibliographic form to someone else. In an emergency, this could be done for a client very quickly. As an undergraduate, I did this for professors who did not have enough graduate assistants. I have also done this professionally for venture capitalists, pharmaceutical research firms and several entrepreneurs.

Are you frequently involved in unexpected activities which would preclude completing assignments?

No. I do freelance writing and a limited amount of business consulting. Neither of these endeavors creates professional emergencies such as often occur with physicians, small business owners or others who are involved in emergency situations. My personal life is very quiet. I have been happily married for several years and our children are grown with their own families.

I look forward to working with!

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