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Research Writer Interview With Toni

English Studies & History Research

Hello! Tell us more about yourself.

Hi, I am Toni and I just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics and English, with a Minor in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Kent State University. I am currently applying for the Masters in English Program at Kent State University. If accepted I will be doing the Literature and Writing Program, focusing on Medieval Literature. I actually delight in learning and challenging myself, so I intend to complete my Bachelor Degrees in Art History, Anthropology, History and Philosophy. I am slightly obsessed with obtaining knowledge, so I spend a large amount of my free time studying and researching random topics. From the percentage of people with green eyes (about 5% of the population, if I remember correctly) to what society would have been like if the Nazis had won WWII. In my academic career, I have taken upper level courses in a number of areas including; Shakespeare, Medieval Drama, Medieval Literature, Senior Seminar-Dragons, Knights and Ladies, Baroque Art of the 17th Century, Critical Theory, Greek Literature in Translation, Latin Literature in Translation, Classical Literary Studies, Roman History, Greek Archaeology and Art, Roman Archaeology and Art. As well as courses in Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Art History and Sociology.

What are some of your interests?

When I am not writing or doing research I enjoy attending Civil War Reenactments, Medieval Faires, Wine Tastings and Beer Fests. I am also partial to traveling, and I embark on road trips two or three times a year. I usually have no destination and I just drive until I run out of gas or I become tired of driving. This need for freedom is one of the reasons I wish to write online. So far I have been to Canada, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, New York, North and South Carolina, Nevada, California and Mexico. I hope to visit a number of other states when I take a train across country this Summer. I would also love to visit several counties outside of North America and Mexico, such as Puerto Rico, Panama, Iceland, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, France, Norway, Morocco, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Mali, Zambia, and Mozambique. Other interests I have include cooking, baking, binge watching Netflix (I especially enjoy the Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi Genres). I also volunteer at the local food bank a few times a week, mostly because it gives me something to accomplish and I able to interact with people outside the internet.

Why do you feel that you are an excellent research writer?

I know I am an excellent research writer due to the fact that I truly enjoy doing the research and writing papers. In fact, I have written a number of papers for "friends" and family. That being said, I am not a fast writer. I spend an ample amount of time gathering, reading and analyzing information relevant to the prompt. This means that a 5-7page paper will take me from 1-4 days to complete depending on the topic. This is mostly because I do not fancy being wrong or giving others fallacious information. Despite the fact I am not keen on being wrong, I graciously accept it when I am and I use it as a learning experience. Due to the amount of research I put into a paper. I am quite comfortable writing on almost every topic except for accounting or statistics (math is not one of my strong areas). I am also proficient at a variety of writing genres such as Analysis, Annotated Bibliographies, Article Review, Book Reports, Book Reviews, Capstone Projects, Case Studies, Critical Analysis, Editing, Essays (All types), Genre Analysis, Journals, Literacy Narratives, Literature Reviews, Outlines, Personal Narratives, PowerPoint Presentations, Proofreading, Reflective Writing, Research Papers, Research Proposals, Synthesis and Term Papers.

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