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Not Only Contracts and Legal Documents

"Tell me about yourself." This is always one of the hardest interview questions asked, and nervous applicants scramble to come up with a coherent response that consists of what they think the interviewer wants to hear. In fact, the interviewer just wants to hear if you can speak in a clear and concise manner, whether you would fit in with the team, and whether there are any immediate red flags on why you should not be considered further for employment. So here goes a little something about me, my interests and my academic background.

I love writing, and have loved it ever since I was in grammar school. One of my fondest writing memories is when I was in 7th grade and chose to do a book report in lieu of taking a test for English. I was an A student but very bored with the current curriculum, so I entertained myself by doing the least amount of work possible. I wrote a detailed book report on a book that didn’t exist, one that I had just made up. The teacher loved my report and the fake book so much that she wanted to read it and perhaps add it to the class reading materials. Needless to say, I lucked out because that was before the Internet and the ease of research was made possible by online libraries.

Since then, my love of writing grew, and I took as many writing courses as I could, whether they consisted of creative writing such as poetry, or technical writing such as writing claims for a patent application. In college one of my English teachers suggested that I may be interested in law school, as she stated, "power over language is key." I was basically just wandering around and partying in college, and slipped by with great grades but with no direction regarding what I wanted to do. I applied to law school, was accepted, and spent the hardest academic years of my life there. Law school was like no other school I have ever attended. There was no cruising through classes, or writing a paper that was assigned a month ago, in one night in between drinks. You really had to apply yourself and work hard; other students were competitors, not your friends, and many did not make it past the first year. I flourished in law school, writing for 2 different law journals and was published 3 times. My academic background ends there, as now I write for entertainment, preferably where payment is also included.

I am an excellent researcher because I love to seek out new things or perhaps a new way of looking at old things. Writing truly is an art form; sometimes good writing can be taught, and sometimes it comes only after years of experience. Power over language is indeed key, and the manner in which the written word is expressed can be the difference between an A grade and a D grade.

I am currently a freelance writer and write a variety of different materials. I have a law degree, thus, much of that writing involves contracts and legal documents where the punch of a seasoned writer is so much more effective than that of an amateur. I also write academic papers for another custom paper writing company, mostly in the areas of law, business, marketing and finance. However, I have also written numerous custom papers on other topics, including the environment, history and terrorism, to list a few.

Finally, I firmly believe that my research and writing skills would be an asset to your company.

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