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Research Writer Interview With Vincent

Research Is An Algorithm

Who are you?

My name is Vincent. I am a writer currently living in Southeastern Pennsylvania, though I have lived in a number of cities around the country, the most well known being Portland and New York. I have a wide range of interests including martial arts, magic, piano, Italian and American Sign Language. My academic background is in Psychology, having attained my Bachelor's of Science in the field back in 2012.

What is your writing experience?

I have been working as a freelance academic writer for the past year and a half. The majority of my work comes from nursing students completing their Bachelor's degrees. Due to a nursing shortage, the United States recruits a large number of foreign nurses, however, many of these nurses only have their Associate's degrees, and most facilities in the United States would prefer a Bachelor's. So, what does a nurse who has a family, works 50 hours a week, and makes $40/hour do when she is told to go back to school full time and complete coursework in a language she does not speak natively? She hires me.

How do your interests improve your writing?

As I mentioned, I have a wide range of interests. I find hobbies are like languages: the more of them one learns, the easier it becomes to add new ones. Though the bulk of writing I do is in the field of nursing, I am often expected to write on a variety of different subjects ranging from economics to chemistry. Even within nursing, a number of different topics come up in which I must be willing to learn. I have taken classes on medical terminology, spiritual sensitivity in patient care, and nursing administration and managerial skills. Having a wide range of interests provides me with the flexibility of thinking and the understanding of research to allow me to tackle assignments in any field.

Why are you an excellent research writer?

Because I understand that research is an algorithm. While each assignment is different, the methods for success remain the same. Accessing pertinent academic sources, looking for overlapping trends within them, and figuring out how to best structure points to support a thesis: these actions become second nature with practice and are crucial to research writing. Even training the eyes to efficiently skim a scientific journal article is a skill that can be applied time and again in research writing. These are traits that I have honed and that allow me to be an excellent research writer.

Finally, it is important to note that the client is always right. This is, after all, a business. The truly difficult skill to being a good research writer, the part that separates the decent from the excellent, is the ability to handle criticism and feedback. I have had clients come back to me asking for things such as changing the heading of an paper to say "introduction" in bold because that is how their teacher likes it. Though I know their teacher is using an outdated APA style guide, it does no good for anyone if I argue. Instead, in these situations, I thank the client for the feedback and make the requested changes because, ultimately, they are paying me and deserve to have their feedback heard.

How do you stave off burn out?

This is something that I have heard of academic writers experiencing, and that I am grateful I have not felt. The more I write, the better I feel about writing. Since I am honing my skill, the process becomes easier. I live a healthy lifestyle and approach situations with a positive mindset, which goes a long way toward increasing endurance. This would be my best guess as to why I have not experienced burn out.

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