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Research Writer Interview With Alan

Building My Knowledge About The Paper

Hi Alan. Why do you work as a research writer?

Writing is always such a revelation for me: I think about the topic, read the necessary material, re-think it based on my findings, and then I can discover it anew for myself. It is like a burst of energy and inspiration going through my body. Words twist in my head until they can be used to create a new piece, which is based on a strong foundation of facts. Then I edit my work and send it to the client. Sometimes, it is not just writing an essay, but dealing with numbers or philosophical riddles and it is great to challenge your brain and solve them!

Sounds like you really love your job. What are some of your favorite subjects?

Considering the fact that I have a Master’s degree in international economics, I love writing about marketing, management, economics, sociology, different cultures, international trade, human resources, and public relations. I also take some of the investment assignments and can easily write anything about humanitarian sciences. However, I am also really into philosophy and music. These are two things that I spend my free time on. I also really enjoy writing about literature. I love exploring new pieces of literature for myself and I am so excited to learn more about them. So, every time I get a literature assignment I spend a lot of time to read the original book and to write my own thoughts, instead of copying the thoughts of the literature critics.

Do you ever plagiarize any of your works?

I never plagiarize anything. My essays are always 100% original. If I plagiarize an essay I will never be able to look at myself in the mirror. I am proud of my work and try to make everything as perfect as it can be.

Do you always meet your deadlines?

I only bid on the projects which I can make on time. Enough said. I know how much time I need to do the research and write everything client requires. This is the reason why I always meet my deadlines. Moreover, I usually deliver the paper even before the deadline, so that the client had time to review it and send me any suggestions or comments.

Can you accept large orders? (20 pages and more)

Surely, I can. Over the years, I developed a good method to write such papers. At first, I build my knowledge about the paper. If the client provided some materials, I usually review them, and then I refer to the books and online journals and many other sources. I always devote a considerable amount of time to do my research, so that I had a true understanding of the subject. I also write an introduction at this stage, which summarizes my understanding of the topic. Then I just develop a thesis statement and start to build my arguments around it. After that, I just write a conclusion.

What are some of the qualities that you believe make you more competitive than the other writers?

Well, I think it is the fact that I always have my own point of view, and I am not afraid to write about it. I am also very versatile. I can understand and write about everything: from the classical economical theory to the neo-Keynesian theory, from Italian opera to electro swing, and from William Shakespeare to Truman Capote.

What are some of your hobbies?

I play an electric guitar and try to sing. Generally, I play electric blues and I love singing classic blues and jazz songs. I also occasionally try to sing Queen songs, which is my favorite band of all times.

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