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Research Writer Interview With Annie

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Why did you decide to write research papers, theses, and dissertations for clients on a professional level?

I love to write and - not to sound pretentious intentionally - I am very smart :). I know a lot of subjects; I have an incredibly well rounded education. This seems to be the only job that can hold my interest because I don't get bored and I can use my knowledge combined with my custom writing ability. I have always enjoyed researching and reading books and journal articles. I have combined that passion with my good writing ability and it has turned out to be a good fit. I write quality essays and term papers and enjoy writing most of them so it shows in my work and most customers are very pleased with my service. I love to learn and while I am doing many of these papers I learn -- so it seems to be the most suitable job for me. Writing is a challenge to me to find the best, most current research and send the customer a paper that really impresses them.

What can you offer to these students with respect to your own fields of interests and essay writing skills?

I take my job as an academic research writer seriously. As I indicated above, it is a challenge to me to see how good of a paper I can write. Rather than write an essay that simply fulfilled the customer's requirements, I want to write a paper that causes the customer to say "Wow!" when they receive it. I like to use my skills as a writer to provide a quality college essay that is interesting. I am creative and have the ability to make a research paper interesting by searching for the correct quotes and current cutting edge research, to fit the portion of the paper I am writing. I put thought into each paper I do. A quality essay or book report means a happy customer, which results in more business. I am interested in behavioral science, biology, sociology and philosophy.

What motivates you to custom-write quality essays and research papers?

You are probably looking for a more detailed answer, but my answer would have to be, my ego. I know what a good writer I am and I am aware of my rounded knowledge so to write a mediocre paper that merely meets the requirements would not sit well with me because I know what I am capable of.

Having experience as a professional researcher and having read a great deal of literature, how can you explain why you feel competent to write about almost any topic?

I have written academic papers in the past and when I first started I was hesitant to do assignments on engineering, nursing, and other areas that I was not educated on. However, after having done some very difficult papers on all of those subjects, I gained confidence in my research and writing abilities and know I can research and find the proper information I need to write on virtually any subject. I have degrees in Physical Anthropology, Biological Psychology, Art History, Marketing, and a certificate in General Business. I went to the University Of Michigan which is a research university; believe me, I learned how to research any subject and research it correctly.

As an academic writer, do you feel comfortable with writing model and custom essays or term papers for others?

Yes, I do because I am not good at mathematics and I understand some people have a knack for writing. I feel the same way about writing example essays; some students just have difficulty writing. I have no problems what so ever writing for somebody as I know they must not submit the papers I write as their own to avoid plagiarism.

Why do you feel that you are capable of addressing so many issues with regard to assignments and how quick can you adapt to a different array of topics?

I have done this type of essay writing for so long now; I can write on Literature and finish the paper quickly and can write an essay on Ecosystems and politics at the same time. I took a lot of different courses in college at the same time and am adapted to switching thought processes midstream. It is no problem for me; maybe that is why I am so good at writing and editing these research papers :).

Researching and writing papers is difficult work. Have you experienced any particular difficulties when working on papers?

Of course, I have found when this happens I get up and walk away and come back to tackle the subject again and then I am able to finish it. I rarely get requests for rewrites, but when I do I comply with the student's request and find that most of the times there was just a miscommunication from the beginning between me and the student. I am a good writer, but I realize this type of job requires customer service as well. Whatever the customer requests I will comply; I have no problem with rewrites even if I don't fully agree with the student's requirements. I am not in the class the student is so they know best what the Professor may want. To be successful in writing custom research papers you have to learn that quickly. You are not supposed to write what you want; rather, you need to focus on what the customer wants.

Do you feel that you are capable of producing an in-depth study, such as a dissertation or PhD thesis for a graduate student?

Yes, I have written over a dozen dissertations. In fact, I recently did a model dissertation on Art History and I found myself enjoying it. The customer was quite pleased and I know how to research at this level so I have no problem writing them. I understand they are different from regular essays or research papers because they should be written on a very high level, but to be honest I enjoy doing them. As I stated before, I like to conduct research and enjoy finding the information and writing successful dissertations.

Thank you very much, Annie.

You are welcome. I want to thank you for the opportunity of working with the Custom Papers team.

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