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Research Writer Interview With Daniel

Ph.D. Scientist And Journalist With Lots Of Loyal Clients

Tell us, succinctly, what you do for

I write tight, accurate model papers for clients, exactly to specification. On-time and error-free. For those who can't specify exact needs, I have the experience to research and write superior content independently. I've never defaulted on an assignment.

Your qualifications?

I'm trained as a Ph.D. scientist and a professional journalist. In my long career I've worked as a researcher, a World Bank consultant, a journalist (client list includes Nature magazine, the world's preeminent science weekly), a businessman (specialty: real estate investing) and a fiction writer. I write in a range of styles, from crisp academic writing to popular journalism. Because I also write fiction, I know how to tell a story—important even to academic writing.

How can a Biochemistry Ph.D. write authoritatively in another field?

Think of my doctoral degree as a platform, a very high platform from which to launch in-depth investigations. My career is highly interdisciplinary and I'm a voracious reader, always led by my curiosity. I have published and lectured on environment and development, medicine, and social problems around the world. My wide background knowledge and research skills drive me to write about almost any topic, from hard science and math to nursing and medicine, psychology to history and religion, economics to marketing, and a good dash of literary criticism too. Oh yes—in college I majored in philosophy.

What about your writing skills? Have you ever published anything?

I've got a publication list as long as my arm. This includes papers in formal academic journals, book chapters, World Bank publications, and numerous popular magazine articles. I'm writing a novel now. I used to write for a daily Internet publication too—which was like a speed-writing drill, producing accurate content to a firm deadline and a fixed word count.

Do you have any pets?

I thought this was an interview about essay research and writing!

What are your favorite assignments to write?

I'm not afraid of writing long, detailed papers about a topic, because I can go deeper into the subject matter. Like I said, even academic writing requires storytelling skills, and it's enjoyable, even fun to explore an essay topic, constructing support for the thesis like you would sketch the arc of a short story plot. I also enjoy assignments that involve quantitative analysis, collecting data and analyzing it. I'm a great editor too, and I'm always happy to edit academic work for economy of language and the logical flow of ideas. I find that many students may have a solid grasp of the subject matter but require help in grounding their ideas in the existing body of knowledge. I can't tell you how many essays I've rescued in this way!

How do you tailor your writing to a clients' needs?

I take everyone seriously! If a client comes to me and says that English is not his or her first language, I try to write simple sentences to enable the client to better understand the final product. If a client asks for a personal essay, I may ask questions to get a sense of the story that needs to be told. If a client specifies five pages of undergraduate-level writing with seven academic sources and a four-slide PowerPoint presentation with speaker's notes, that's exactly what will be delivered. And if a client gives me two sentences of instructions and asks for a ten-page paper, I put just as much time into researching and writing that model paper as I would the graduate student who sends me a dozen pdf files with a three-page grading rubric attached.

You say you've published a lot. C'mon, tell us your last name, doc, so we can google your publications.

This interview is over!

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