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Research Writer Interview With Debbie

High-Quality Communication and Research Skills

"What do you want to be when you grow up". When I was six years old my Mum asked me this question. My answer as an idealistic dreamer of a six years old was obviously, "Enid Blyton". Who wouldn't want to be the writer of my favourite books 'The Famous Five'. As I aged and my tastes evolved, my idols morphed into the author of whatever series I was currently engrossed in. My love of reading became detrimental to my sleep when I insisted on sleeping with every book I was currently reading, because one chapter of ten different books seemed like a better idea that ten chapters of one book, under my pillow.

My incessant love of reading in my early years paid off. As I advanced through school it became apparent that my reading and writing abilities were far superior to my numerical skills, and I had a reading level that exceeded my expected age average. My interest in research also became clear early on as my school projects were the highlight of my year. No matter what topic I was given, I meticulously researched it and created a themed folder to showcase my work in. My perfectionist traits began to shine through, and I made sure that all work I handed in for grading was of the highest possible quality as I wanted my grades to reflect the work and time that I had invested.

Fast forward ten years to University and this skill became immeasurably useful. Alongside my ability to rote memorise numerous facts, my advanced writing skills allowed me to form well structured and fluent arguments in a pressured exam environment. I believe it was this skill that helped me to achieve high grades and eventually graduate with a first class Honours degree.

My intuitive and problem focussed nature allowed me to write using an alternate process. For me writing an academic paper wasn't about writing down all the facts and popping a couple of references in. For me, it's like the assembly of a puzzle. First, I lay down all the pieces by researching journals and summarising findings. Then I look to arrange all the pieces of the puzzle into an paper that outlines the biggest picture in a rationale manner. My ability to draw abstract conclusions linking numerous theories allowed me to develop a unique writing style that resulted I a high quality and though provoking research paper based on a slightly different perspective from the norm.

As a Psychology graduate and enthusiast, I appreciate the place that communication has in the social environment, and writing is an important facet of this ability to communicate. I believe that the ability to express through the written word is a fundamental skill in today's society, and one that is often overlooked In lieu of the spoken word. The ability to for progressive and coherent arguments in a way that is both informative and engaging is a skill that develops from a deep understanding of the, in my case, English language, and I feel that this had predominantly been developed through my appreciation of literature.

I believe that my ability to write strong research papers is both an accumulation of my hard work and dedication to perfection as well as the innate ability and interest in language and the way it can be used to express. I feel that my early childhood experiences had a massive impact on my writing ability today, and this is only further improved through continued practise.

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