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Research Writer Interview With Denise

Interdisciplinary Work

Hi Denise! When did you first decide to become a college essay/academic paper writer?

I have always loved the art of writing. Whether it is for research purposes or a powerful poem, the power of the pen is how we express ourselves. Learning goes hand in hand with writing. In order to be able to write about something competently, you must read about it religiously. It is only through hours of self study that you can produce your own essay or paper. The beautiful part about the academic writing process is that it is almost always dedicated to learning and sharing thoughts or ideas on a particular subject. I thought for a while about what it is I wanted to do to make a living and writing college / graduate level essays is just a great option for me.

What are your favorite writing topics?

I like writing about as many topics as I like reading about. In fact, the more you read about different topics the more you recognize the interdisciplinary nature of academics. The trend is moving toward interdisciplinary work. Researchers are finding that more answers can be found by bringing scientists from a number of different fields to work on finding a solution. They are also offering students this option in their studies. More and more I am finding different academic programs that emphasize a dual or triple major. If I had to choose it would be a business or finance related subject since my degree is in business with a concentration in communications. I am currently working on my MBA so my knowledge of this area is very strong.

How many years have you spent writing academic papers?

Where do I begin? I began writing academic papers in elementary school. These had no real form or content of course, but they were essays nonetheless. They were trying to communicate a message based on predefined writing rules and formats that create a better argument. And as I made my way into junior high, the same rules were being taught. We were expected to hone our writing skills by understanding how to apply these different formats, understand when to use them and how to define them. In high school the emphasis shifted to content. By this time we were expected to have an understanding for basic writing forms. The challenge was in trying to use different mechanics within the English language to create a more compelling and ultimately better read. We studied things like alliteration and hyperbole. In college, I entered the world of business writing which called for a different sort of communication style. One that is brief, curt and to the point; one that is objective yet focused and relevant. Style is hardly as important as the efficient use of words to communicate information. Now in graduate school I am still learning about new ways to improve my writing; hopefully it will be a lifelong journey.

What kind of work do you find most challenging?

My most challenging work is work that requires subjective open ended analysis. If you give me concrete instructions I will follow them. I am great with this. When I receive instructions that are vague I like to put together some possible deliverables to review, e.g. an outline to get an idea for whether or not I'm going in the right direction. Ultimately, it is always the most challenging work that becomes the most rewarding as more energy is needed to complete the project.

What are your future goals with respect to academic essay writing?

I am not sure about my goals with respect to academic essay writing. Every assignment I get presents a new challenge with a new goal and the goal of every paper is to get an A. Therefore, my goals mainly deal with staying current and on top of research trends and methodologies. I am also constantly looking for additional research databases to access. I find the more information you have access to the better your papers will be.

Thank you for your time, Denise!

You're most welcome!

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