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Technical Communications and English Literacy

As a professional academic writer, I create high-quality writing that informs and engages all levels of readers. I write for a wide variety of markets and genres with a client's requirements in mind. I am a native English speaker and am very detail oriented, deadline driven, and strive to provide error free writing at all times. I feel that companies that help students with their term papers are helping them become better writers. When I was writing in school, I had great professors, who devoted time to help me improve my writing. I understand that every student may not have this type of assistance. This is why Custom Papers is so helpful.

I enjoy all forms of communications, whether it be verbal or written. Moreover, I am interested in non-verbal communication. I studied communications and technical communications in school. I have a B.S. in Communications and a M.S. in Technical Communications. With these two degrees, I have a thorough understanding of the dynamic relationship between the human and computer interface. Additionally, I have a Graphics Certificate from my alma mater. This certificate helps with writing in the sense that it helps me visualize and organize my papers.

In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering. I have tutored in Basic Literacy and English as a Second in the past. I really enjoyed doing these two activities because I feel that literacy and basic language skills are essential to a person's well-being. Besides these two volunteer activities, I have volunteered at soup kitchens in the past.

I am an excellent research writer because I will research and write on any topic. I have written on topics such as: business, film studies, human resources management, medicine, marketing, and poetry. My writing is easy to read and I utilize keywords expertly and have written hundreds of articles, blog posts, papers, and p ress releases. I have assisted with manuscripts, reports, and white papers and have a strong background in proofreading and editing. I have worked side-by-side with clients in the past to ensure that my writing projects are stellar and satisfactory.

I am very thorough when I research and then write. I ensure that I use a well-thought out outline as a basis for my research and writing. I ensure that all of my research is sources from authoritative references. Additionally, I diversify my references in order to provide a comprehensive paper to the client. I am familiar with the APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard styles of formatting. I ensure that all of my papers are properly referenced using the formatting choice of the client. This includes the references, works cited, and bibliography pages (respectively) as well as inline citations.

After I research and write my paper, I proofread it and edit where necessary. At this point, I double-check the draft paper with the paper's requirements to ensure that every requirement is satisfied. I only submit a paper after I follow the preceding steps.

I am not just writing about these steps from an idealistic perspective. I am currently working as an academic writer so I actually put those steps into practice everyday. When there are urgent papers, I pitch in to help meet a deadline. I do this because I understand that at the receiving end of every paper is a client, who needs it. It will be my goal to meet the requirements of every Custom Papers' client. I strive to give 200% rather than 100% on every paper. To this end, as a Custom Papers writer, I will strive to make value-added contributions everyday.

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